'Tinkerbell' was photographed by client/coordinator Katherine (Inky) Hvistendahl, sometime around 1993. She is one who definitely has the eyes (and belief) to see such wonders.

Here's another child who remembered meeting Louise before he was born! He tried to go home with her that night.

When Louise first introduced Connor to his pregnant mother, he projected a long list of events that he knew would be occurring after his birth.

Louise introduced Sophia to her mother, Jane (a long-time client and apprentice) during a consultation in the early 1990s...before mom-to-be ever met dad-to-be—long before she was born.

Louise always enjoys return engagements at Seattle's East-West Bookshop and plans to return to inspiring Inner Alchemy in West Seattle as well.

Fun time with 'RIR's in Columbus, OH, Eugene, OR and Seattle, WA. Louise interpreted for loved ones in the 'non-physical,' and for the higher self of newborns, partners, pets, and those challenged with the effects of dementia.'

Louise returned to Columbus, OH in 2016 for her 9th 'RIR' since 1998 — and conducted two new groups, as well as in Indianapolis and Tuscany

It was a fabulous time, conducting a 'Readings in the Round' session and participating in the Wayfinding Women's empowerment experience!

Enjoying a post-presentation / workshop time with co-presenter (Animal Reiki practitioner) Pamela Moore in

It's always a good time at East-West Bookshop in Seattle — fun presentation (with 'minis') and workshop, and the staff are wonderful to work with!

Over the years it's become a wonderful tradition for Louise to conduct Group Readings at the lovely home of this gracious client/coordinator in Long Beach, CA.

Here's another favorite Group Reading venue when Louise is on tour, hosted by a gracious hostess in German Village — Columbus, OH.