Beyond Boundaries, The Adventures of a Seer

It came time to write the stories. They accumulated over a period of several years from Louise's adventures as a clairvoyant spiritual counselor. They had taught, enlightened, and fascinated her. As a seer who views timeless, spaceless dimensions, seeing beyond the boundaries of this physical world and it's reflections back again, life was beginning to make sense.

Some are content to let random pieces of life's puzzle jangle loosely in their pocket, without meaning. Louise has always been compelled to fit the pieces together, having an inner sense that if if she could just find the right perspective, a particular way of viewing things, this life could, and would, all make sense.

This impetus led her to reach beyond the five senses and develop gifts that have been a part of her from her earliest memories. As she honed and understood them better, it gave her—and continues to give—great pleasure to share them with others.

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