Hooray! ~ For Timeless, Eternal Consciousness!

Thursday, July 16th, 2020

It seems as though the veil between the physical and non-physical is getting thinner, if not coming down altogether! Loved ones feel as though they're right there in the (virtual) room when they participate in consultations and transmit messages to my clients. Recently, a (non-physical) father literally ran the whole show!

The Dad confirmed knowing that my client thinks of him whenever she feeds her fish (he'd given her the fish tank) and applauded the recent award for her art, pointing to it on her wall and drawing my attention to 'the certificate' nearby. 

Ever the bird-lover, he then nudged me to quickly look out my window. I opened the blinds and spotted Mom and Pop Quail leading their parade of progeny!

In the way that I merge with the ✨timeless, Streaming Consciousness✨ of those residing in OR out of the body — those in the non-physical can also ⚡️MERGE⚡️ with MY consciousness! 

This client's father was a dentist during his earthly tour of duty on Planet Earth. After directing my attention to the birds outside my window, he then advised me to go ahead with the procedure recommended by MY dentist THE DAY BEFORE! ?

Oh, the timeless, eternal consciousness that we are!