Today's "Sunday School" Class—Exploring the Illusion of Linear Time: Part Two, "The Elegant Universe"

Sunday, February 1st, 2004

Today, Louise's class will watch and discuss this incredible presentation from Nova, introducing Brian Greene's excellent explanation of "String Theory." Louise's ongoing intent is to stretch your perceptions way beyond how you've been taught to perceive your reality. Last week's class delivered an unexpected, spontaneous demonstration

of our true, mulit-sensory/multi-dimensional nature: Louise taught the "fish hook" technique, a way of going beyond a typically linearly time-stressed week ahead. She had participants experience the future moment—the following Friday—when anticipated tasks will have been completed in this way. When she added to each one's personal exploration of the future moment by merging with their consciousness in that same future moment, she contributed her own impressions, looking around and reporting back.

She turned to one gal, and said, "In your moment of realization on Friday, you are standing in a room, looking out the window, feeling a sense of completion in this moment to where you tossed out your 'fish hook.' There's an awareness of "red" — a splash of red—a name or that specific color to your right." She laughed and replied, "Last week, I had a (day-dreaming) vision, that you would be telling me something about my father, whose name was "Red!" Louise loves it when the unexpected provides "proof of the pudding" that we are all, indeed, becoming a highly intuitive species!