What are 'Illuminisms'?

TA DA! Announcing Louise’s Illuminisms!

il·​lu·​mi·​nism | \ i-ˈlü-mə-ni-zəm:

A belief in or claim to a personal enlightenment not accessible to humankind in general.

I’m excited to announce the launch of Illuminisims — enlightening insights gathered from consultations and fun stories from my own life.

Illuminisms on my YouTube Channel. When you subscribe you'll be notified each time I add a new one.

Illuminism Topics — (so far!)

All in the Airwaves

Intentions Are Heard

Follow Your Heart

When Life Sucks!

Walking in Those Shoes

Let Your Spirit Lead The Way

Variations On Old Themes

Facing Forward

How To Be A Perfect Parent

Expectations vs Anticipation

Speaking of Stories...

I’m also pulling together helpful insights for my next book — YAY! If you feel so inspired, please send me an email with any insights or a fun, light-hearted story in a past consultation that was helpful to you, one that will give readers hope and faith in these times.

The information I receive in consultations also enlightens me, and has always been my most valued spiritual learning!

Examples of what I’m documenting:

Information that—

  • Added to your spiritual journey in some way
  • Pointed you toward a more joyful, unimagined future
  • Empowered, uplifted, healed, resolved, or entertained you in an instructive way
  • Helped you feel more connected to — the Source, your child-self, loved ones, life in general, nature, pets...
  • Illustrated the layered nature of multidimensional, timeless information
  • Confirmed your own multidimensional, intuitive gifts...(Some are able to "hold on to the wing" when I fly around in consultations!)

Here's to a joyful summer filled with unexpected adventures, 'cosmic winks,' increased faith (and hope) in the Source and Greater Plan unfolding, and increased connectivity — to friends, strangers, and loved ones (physical and non-physical)!

Much love,

Illuminations welcomes and embraces you on your spiritual journey. Louise is here to serve by helping to make sense of this crazy world by showing you the way back to the Source, and by nudging you in ways that point you in the direction of your most fabulous, joyful future.