Tina the Tree Lady

Submitted by illuminator on March 5, 2010 - 3:13pm

Tina is a client and apprentice alumna who used to coordinate for me in the Seattle area. She did a wonderful job assisting me at my presentations for the Seattle Women's Show. Let me explain why I call her "The Tree Lady."

Tina and I met years ago, when she was in the audience at 'Discover U,' a past speaking venue. I was doing spot 'minis' in the audience when I felt drawn to go stand beside Tina. I paused for a moment, then said, "There's something about you and trees!" "Yes," Tina replied, starting to tear up. "No one knows about this...I don't know...there's just something about me and trees!"

A few days later, Tina came for a private consultation at Sue's home, a lovely place on the water where she'd hosted an informal talk. I was staying in her guest quarters down below. Well into our session, I said to Tina, "...I dunno...it's as if there's a 'tree person'—like those in the movie, Lord of the Rings—and it's coming towards us! It has a gift for you! Oh well...whatever..." I resolved, knowing how these things usually make sense over time.

At the conclusion of Tina's session, we walked up the stairs together, where Sue greeted us in her living room. "Here," she said, approaching Tina. "I want you to have this painting!" Apparently, at the precise time that the 'tree person' appeared, Sue had been walking down her hallway and passed a framed watercolor of a tree, one that she'd picked up at a yard sale. She realized that she no longer felt a connection with the painting, and decided to present to Tina as a gift!

[CORRECTION: I was recently presenting at East-West Bookshop in Seattle (2015) where Sue and Tina happened to be in the audience. When I told a quick version of this story, they both chimed in — "Nooo! The picture fell off the wall as Sue walked by!"]

So there you go. Will wonders never cease? (:-)

Ah, how we love these wonderful, unexpected gifts from the Universe — and all the more evidence how all of life is truly connected.

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