BUT WAIT ~ THERE'S MORE! ~ to the August ‘Monday Mini Moment’

Submitted by illuminator on August 28, 2015 - 9:17am


You may have read the earlier story of a Monday Mini participant’s pup who made an unexpected appearance in MM session earlier this month. In short, her pet showed up to urge her owner to decline further therapy for her terminal condition — to release her, and allow her to make her transition.

Sonya eventually identified herself (and her bulldog, Genny) in a comment she made on that post. She emailed me the morning of this past week's MM to ask if there was availability for that evening’s session. I reminded her that folks have only to show up in Skype (following the prescribed protocol: www.louisehauck.com/services/minis).

Later that day, I was setting up for the earlier (east-coaster’s ) session, when Genny slipped into my consciousness, transmitting now from the ‘non-physical!' I assumed the scene she projected depicted her final moments at the vet: I saw her staring at something white, and then gazing over at Sonya — eyes (and souls) clearly connecting.

I interpreted this to Sonya in that evening's (later) session. I thought the scene I'd received was Genny's way of telepathizing assurances to Sonya, that a few weeks before she'd done the right thing by allowing Genny to move on from her ailing and painful body. Sonya tried to make sense of the details, but couldn’t recall anything WHITE in the room where she had stood, cuddling her beloved pet during the transition.

As Sonya’s recent ‘mini’ continued to unfold, she said she’d been thinking about taking a course in learning about animal nature and communication. She continues to receive ‘nudges’ pointing her in that direction.

“What color is the logo for the organization offering those classes?” I asked.

She thought for a moment, and then said, “It’s WHITE!”

We concluded that Genny’s visit served as wonderful confirmation that her spirit is ever-present, and is currently assisting Sonya in moving forward. And specifically — Genny is encouraging her to learn more about THIS VERY SAME TYPE OF (TELEPATHIC) COMMUNICATION!

Don’t you love it?