Your Presence and Compassion


DF in CA

You might not remember me, but we had a consultation in Sacramento in January, 2001. The reason I sought your help at that time was due largely to the fact that I was having a most difficult time dealing with grief—my fiancee who had tragically died in February 2000.

I will never forget our consultation and I will never forget your amazing presence and compassion. Just today, I thought about you, and as such, accessed your website. I read your messages [on the account of the NYC Disaster] that you posted and was moved when your 'higher self' hugged the woman's 'higher self' you were sitting next to at Radio City Hall.

Wherever you are I want you to know that my 'higher self' is sending yours many warm hugs. Thank you for the service you provide others and may your year be filled with wonderful experiences.