Submitted by illuminator on June 13, 2017 - 8:08am

I love surprise guest appearances of (non-physical) souls when they enter into consultations. While on the road, one such soul announced his entry into a client’s phone consultation in an most unusual and creative way.

This soul project this scene from the movie, 'ET!’ He transmitted his initials, and then gave me the impression he'd lost his life on a bike or motorcycle. "I was on my way!" he said. ('ET GO HOME!')

My client thought for a moment, and then, becoming quite emotional, she said this was a fellow for whom she’d administered CPR when she happened onto the scene of an accident. A motorist had hit him while he was riding his motorcycle. He passed soon after.

“He always shows up to thank me,” she said, "— every time I have a reading! How come?”

“It’s the conduit of love,” I replied. “You opened your heart to this man, quite spontaneously, and that connectivity goes on into forever.”

Pretty awesome.