Helping me deal with grief



I just read Proof of Heaven in one day and night, so fascinating, and we'll written, and read Heart-Links just prior. These two books are helping me to deal with the grief of my husbands passing.

Lost Husband


DA in NY

I lost my husband is sixty four years and it's been very painful. I found Heart-Links and read it many times and I really enjoy it. It's been a great comfort to me. I look forward to meeting with you.

Something Personal to Learn


P.B. in India

I read your book - Heartlinks. Each chapter touched me deeply and i had something personal to learn from each of them. I am located outside the US. I wish to have a phone consultation to connect with someone who has crossed over - Thanks!

As if from my husband...


V. Gerber—Hemet, CA

As matter of fact, from the moment I started reading your book that was given to me, it was as if a personal message from my husband Kurt was coming to me. I think I read most of it through weepy eyes but like I said loved the message i was receiving so much. The idea to try to get a consultation with you began forming only after I finished the book and by the time I finished hearing your recordings on your website, I was completely certain he had a part in the whole thing and knew I had to speak to you.

Frankly, I not so much feel the need to speak to you to communicate with him because your book has truly been so helpful in that regard. I know for certain we share a heart link now and will eternally. Thank you for helping me to realize that.

Glows with comfort...


Helen Yglesias, author of The Girls

Heart-Links is a fine mix of humanist psychology, visionary spirituality, and the charm of the author's winning personality. It glows with comfort for those suffering the inevitable yet devastating loss of loved ones.

Connection with many realities...


Cherie Carter-Scott, author of If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules

Louise has a connection with many realities. She is warm, down-to-earth, humorous, charming and enables us to see our lessons from the larger perspective—where everything makes total sense. Her audiences are engaged, entertained, enlightened and eager to learn from her. She is truly gifted.

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