Missing My Pet


My dog was my heart. Since he left almost two years ago, I haven't had much hope for anything. I miss him terribly.

-CB in TN-


Your pup is definitely around you, Cindy. Animals do not have the fears and associations that humans do re. “death.” Years ago, I held my "near-human" cat in my arms while the vet gave him an injection to end his suffering from an incurable lung disease. It had taken the loss of other pets through the years for me to work up the courage to be in attendance for the ending of this special one's physical life. Only moments after "Tao" received the injection, I watched his etheric body rise up (out of his limp, physical one) and shake himself. "Free a last, free at last!" is what I heard from his timeless consciousness.

As with humans, their energy continues on when they “drop the body.” The continuum of consciousness is pretty amazing. If you have another animal in the house, you might sometimes see it looking up (or around) at your non-physical dog.

I’m sure that your pet filled a void, bestowing unconditional love that he gave so freely, so...unconditionally. I’ll envision more of that kind of love coming into your life from wonderful, unexpected directions. Just keep your heart open to receive it.