“Tell me my future!”

Nothing makes me want to run faster and farther than hearing those four little words. I am not a short-order cook responding to, “Gimme a ham ‘n cheese and make it quick!” The term, “fortune telling” conjures up images of gypsies and carnival shysters. This stereotype used to make me hesitant to call myself a psychic or to divulge too much information about my intuitive gifts. In spite of the fact that I spend much of my professional life on the edge of this three-dimensional reality, the emphasis of my work focuses on the here and now. This more “grounded” style has helped to dispel some pretty goofy assumptions about me and the nature of what I do.

In my childhood, I sensed things that others did not. Many children lose their intuitive abilities when parents chastise them or dismiss multi-sensory gifts. Fortunately, my own gifts remained intact. This was probably due to the unconditional love and ongoing spiritual support that I received from my mother.

At four years old, I shared a precognitive sensing with her. I told her that when she went to heaven, we would “write letters.” After her passing at fifty-one, we communicated on a regular basis through thoughts and dreams.

Years later, when my own daughter was four years old, she told me about a conversation that she had with my mother, the grandmother whom she had never met in the physical realm. While my daughter played in her closet, my mother told Adrianne the details of a private joke, known only to Mother and me.

My mother often had precognitive dreams. My father told entertaining stories involving psychic occurrences with his mother and grandmother. No one in the family had judgments about psychics or paranormal phenomena. We simply had no reference to that sort of sensing. It all floated around in a sort of Twilight Zone.

A psychologist once hypothesized that I am able to merge with another’s consciousness because I was born a twin. Maybe she figured that I practiced getting into my twin brother’s head when we were hanging out in the womb. While that explanation may have satisfied her, I know better. There is more involved than prenatal interaction with my “womb-mate.”

Like many highly intuitive people, I have always been attentive to minute details in my physical world. I can still envision the cracks on the walkway outside the back door of my childhood home where I used to roller-skate. It drives me crazy when I sleep beneath a ceiling finished with sprayed dry wall. I cannot escape seeing things in all the bumps and crevices. The bedroom ceiling in my first marriage was crowded with the images of a deer head, an old woman, her cat and an aardvark. They shared the ceiling space with the silhouette of “DJ, Dishonest John,” the puppet character from Beany and Cecil, which was my favorite TV show in the 1940’s.

As I got older, I did not realize that I was unintentionally merging with the consciousness of others. In doing so, I was also taking on their emotions. If I stepped onto a bus with a sense of optimism, I might exit feeling quite depressed. While sitting on the bus, absentmindedly looking around at the other passengers, I might “see” that one woman was going through a divorce. Another was beyond frustration with her teenage son. The man across the aisle had just lost his job. Little wonder that I would step off the bus feeling disheartened and discouraged, thinking, “What’s the use?”

Later on, I learned to meditate through the Transcendental Meditation movement in the early seventies. I was invited into the advanced course with the condition that I promise not to use my psychic gifts. They explained their need for a policy that filters out “New Age” influences that are considered “fringy” or (in my own estimation) downright silly. I agreed with their philosophy, but had to decline their invitation. I could not separate myself from my gifts.

During that time I also joined a metaphysical class and read a lot of inspiring books. I learned to fine-tune my abilities and access them on demand. Equally important, I learned to turn them off. It was mandatory for me to avoid picking up information on people every minute. Once I was able to control the way I received intuited information, my focus shifted to developing clearer and more concise methods of interpretation.

I am elated when my apprentice “enlistments” receive unmistakable confirmation that they themselves are receiving highly intuitive information. I help them customize their own “templates” in which to sort out and interpret what that they receive in their own unique style.

When apprentices express their delight with direct “hits,” I respond, “Indeed! You are a powerful receiver. We are all meant to be receivers. So, now… what exactly, are you going to do with the information?”

I coach apprentices in interpreting and decoding images and symbols. The client needs to hear a variety of interpretations, demonstrating that there is no one absolute translation of non-linear information. I believe that psychics do a great disservice when they give the impression that it is within their all-knowing power to interpret information with unquestionable certainty.

It is far more empowering for the client to receive a variety of interpretations, for two reasons: 1) There is an entrainment effect that actually pulls clients into the frequency of perceiving non-linearly. Witnessing the behind-the-scenes interpretation of information furthers their own multi-sensory development; 2) Clients are less likely to obsess about the information given in a consultation—particularly involving the future—when they are shown several possible meanings. This allows them to experience for themselves the marvelous way in which the Universe communicates directly through images and symbols, sometimes only to make sense over the passage of time.

There must be an emphasis on interpreting intuited information in ways that expand, enlighten and empower clients. It is crucial that the client be left at a higher level of understanding. Information must be presented in a way that prompts life-enhancing, life-expanding insights—relevant to life in the present, rather than serving as entertainment that diverts clients from their personal challenges.

The ego-self occasionally tempts my apprentices to become a roadside attraction and to show off their gifts. “Ego-fluffing” is a certain way to delay their journey, particularly as an intuitive. I remind them that it is becoming less remarkable these days to be a multi-sensory receiver. These gifts are intrinsic to the species that we are all destined to become.

It is crucial to trust a new way of interacting with your outer world. It involves a more intricate way of interpreting a higher, two-way communication with the Universe. To this end, people are beginning to wake up to their own multi-sensory, intuitive gifts. I am deeply dedicated to supporting a greater trust of these gifts in others.

My work as a clairvoyant, time-traveling, intuitive spiritual counselor takes me many places that exist beyond time and death, as well as to interesting physical destinations. Amidst all the craziness going on in our world, I continue to view an abundance of wonderful, positive future moments. Positive “sneak previews” appear to those who are becoming conscious and decisive in their spiritual awakening.

The future moments that I see in consultations have revealed more than one client meeting a healthy partner, holding a rewarding job and resolving unfinished business with honesty and greater integrity. I have seen parents in the future where they are raising “remembering” children in safe and happy homes. These children are reincarnating souls who inevitably recognize people and objects that surrounded them from a previous life space.

During consultations with their future family members and friends, moments of recognition are previewed and projected from these souls before their births. You may have experienced one of these souls, embodied as a little niece or nephew who has looked up at you and exclaimed, “Once you were my baby!”

These children hit the ground running, arriving as extremely intuitive telepathic visionaries. They sometimes seem wiser for their years than their parents. They are driven by tremendous sense of purpose: to further their soul’s expansion, to assist in the healing and spiritual awakening of others, and to participate in a unifying global vision. Their commitment is one that will promote respect for the diversity of cultures, religions and beliefs. They will implement these ideals through the use of their own extraordinary gifts.

I also find myself applauding the many clients who are making more conscious choices in the day-to-day moments of their personal and professional lives. They are making intentional choices towards greater growth and understanding in relationships. More deliberate choices are steering them away from addictions. Awakening is moving them through old patterns into more freedom in the present. They are creating new and brighter futures.

I witness incredible soul expansion in clients, sometimes prompted by seemingly insurmountable, life-shifting challenges. This is coming about through the observation and processing of personal issues, often triggered by the turmoil and angst in their outer world. I see many awakened individuals in joyful future moments that represent the outer reflection of this personal inner work.

I have to mention my amazement at how quickly folks are awakening and becoming multi-dimensional. So very many are learning to decipher ongoing guidance from the Universe. They value daily two-way communication with the Source and non-physical dimensions.

I have observed a positive influence that helps others learn to comprehend this kind of communication. It results from audiences watching people like myself interpret for loved ones on the Other Side. John Edward, a medium who hosted the TV program “Crossing Over,” is a good example. Clients tell me that we share a similar style of interpretation. I feel that consistently viewing this type of intuitive reception and interpretation entrains individuals into a frequency of transmitting and receiving effectively in their own right.

People are starting to get it. Rather than seeking the kind of evidence that the rational mind craves, they sense the way that we interpret subtle images and symbols. This is a dramatic shift from the more concrete, mental ways of perceiving. As a result, they are leaving behind old, traditional, counter productive demands for quantifiable physical evidence of the existence of life after death, telepathy and our ability to perceive beyond time.

People are moving out of their heads and into their hearts. This is truly exciting for me to witness. I am fully prepared to assist in ushering forth a whole new wave of highly intuitive individuals who will reach far beyond my own capabilities.