Chapter 2: Sudden Deaths/ValuJet

     Some of my clients have lost loved ones in very unexpected, dramatic and sometimes violent ways. They may still be in shock when we first meet, angry at God and possibly thinking of ending their own lives. Still, their loss, however painful, can be their awakening. Their devastation leads them to ask some important questions about God—or a Higher Power—and about life and death. And frequently, they are surprised to receive answers from a Source that is extremely responsive.

     Unmistakable road signs in the form of amazing synchronicities—the right book or teacher appearing out of nowhere—or the sense that there is a plan, a bigger picture, allow them to feel increasingly embraced, watched over and guided by "the Source."

     This isn't to say that new insights erase anyone's pain. I can only relate to my clients' pain from where I have experienced my own—through the loss of parents and other friends and family. For me, it has taken years for that "scooped out" feeling to transform into more peaceful reflection.

     I can't imagine the pain that some of my clients live with, following the sudden loss of a child or a beloved spouse. That is why I feel so blessed to be able to deliver messages from souls, now in the nonphysical dimension, who occasionally allow me to move into their consciousness to experience exactly what they experienced at the time they left their physical bodies.

The Valuejet Crash

     This first report comes from the mother of "Jay." I was just about to address a large audience on a "Dreamtime Cruise." I was waiting at the podium for everyone to find their seats. Before the room was even one-fourth full, I felt the presence of a soul to my right. I sensed that he had been a young man who had died in a plane crash. I also felt the letter "J" around him.

     "Just a sec!" I said to the "J" soul, telepathically. "You'll have to wait a moment, for everyone to be seated."

     Sure enough, both of "J's" parents found seats directly in front of me, in the front row. When all the seats were filled and everyone was quiet, I short-stopped my routine introduction and immediately reported the "visit" to the audience. The couple who sat before me confirmed that their son's nickname was Jay. He had died in the ValueJet crash in the Florida Everglades. I had never met the couple, nor did I realize their connection to "J" until they raised their hands.

     I relayed that he was doing fine, looking radiant and happy.

     "I've finally found my MISSION," he said to his parents. Susan, Jay's mother, said that he often said that he longed to know his special mission in life.

     I continued, "It seems that Jay knows that his sister has dated two young men at the same time. He also knows that she has pierced her ears twice." Jay went on to mention a friend with an "M"—a Matt, Mike or Mark—who he knows to be in a lot of pain as a result of the accident. Jay said, "Tell him that I'm fine," and then he reminisced about how they used to drink some beverage and laugh so hard that it bubbled out their noses.

     Then I said that Jay had helped another soul to the Light—a name with two double letters in the middle, like "Anna"—and that there was the color of yellow around them before they left their bodies. This information got confirmed in very interesting and unexpected ways, which Susan reported back to me. Here is her story.


     We have begun a quest that we never dreamed we would commence. We would trade it and all we possess if we could have our precious, most wonderful son back with us. He was killed on May 11, 1996, in the ValueJet airline crash. He was just twenty-four years old.

     In January 1998, my husband, Paul, and I took a special cruise. It was our first, and the theme was "The Inner Voyage." Paul was reluctant because spirituality—other than traditional Christian religion—was unfamiliar to him. We attended a presentation given by Louise Hauck the third evening of the cruise.

     When we entered the meeting room, I led Paul up to the front row. He asked me why we had to sit so close and quipped, "Are we going to be part of a show or something?" I answered that I just wanted to be able to see and hear everything clearly. I was on a mission to learn everything I could about this new subject that I felt compelled to explore since Jay's tragic death.

     Louise began to speak, relating her background and how she began her "career" as a seer. A short while into her presentation she mentioned that there was someone from the "Other Side" who was anxious to come through. She politely addressed the individual and asked if he/she would be patient. She then continued speaking to the audience, but very shortly turned and said that the person was excited about getting through. She asked if anyone in the room had lost a child in a plane crash.

     We were the only ones to acknowledge by raising our hands. She then asked if the letter "J" meant anything to us. Our son's nickname is Jay. Louise related that Jay said he was very proud of us. Then she asked if the letter "M" had any significance. I thought of my daughter's husband and Paul thought of Jay's fellow officer/supervisor. Louise said she "saw" people laughing after drinking something and the people laughed so hard that liquid came through their noses. We thought that was odd, but Jay had a very quick, dry humor and would so often take people by surprise.

     We were anxious to get off the ship at San Juan, Puerto Rico, to call our daughter to ask if she could recollect any of the incidents that Louise described. Our daughter confirmed that the first situation she described fit for both of the Michaels who had come to mind! Louise also added that an "M" person had been having bad dreams and she wondered if this related to Jay's death in the plane crash. Our daughter confirmed that it was our son-in-law who was having the nightmares, though they were about putting his knee back together after recent critical surgery.

     She confirmed all of this when we spoke with her from San Juan. She also confessed that before her marriage, she had been dating two men at the same time. We already knew that she had double-pierced her ears!

     Louise told us she saw a fort. Paul was an Air Force officer and had been stationed in Manhattan, New York. We lived at Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, when Jay was born. She said she saw lots of flags and wondered if Jay was in a flag corps, though she didn't say American flags. We assumed that she was seeing that we always put American flags around Jay's monument at the cemetery near our home. But we have also received five full-size American flags from military units in honor and memory of Jay. He was a very patriotic second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force and was looking forward to becoming a first lieutenant. On July 1, 1996, they promoted him posthumously.

     At a subsequent session aboard the cruise, Louise informed us that just before she fell asleep that first night, Jay had thanked her for allowing him to come through to us. She said that it was unusual for that to happen. My husband and I commented, "That would be just like Jay. An officer and a gentleman." Always so polite.

     Louise was puzzled that Jay sensed that he had not been fearful at the time of the crash. We could only reply that it must have been because he thought the plane would land. The plane had leveled at approximately four hundred feet after a steep dive. Then the nose went down and the plane "disappeared" into the Everglades.

     Louise asked if Jay knew any of the other passengers. He was communicating about a person he knew on the plane. She said the person had double letters in the name and she gave the example of "Bill" or "Ann" as a name with double letters. We answered, "No, he made the brief two-night trip to Miami alone in order to commission his fraternity little brother. He wanted to get home on Saturday to be with us for Mother's Day. If only he wasn't always SO THOUGHTFUL!" "Well," Louise continued, "it seems that Jay helped this person to the Light!"

     Louise stated that Jay was carrying something under his arm and she asked if the color yellow had any significance. We could only guess that it might be a gift, but knew he would not have had the time or transportation to shop the short time he was away. Then Louise talked about ropes or cables and asked if we knew how they might be related.

     We could only guess that she was referring to the horrific, difficult recovery of remains and wreckage following the crash in the murky swamp. We left that session with so many questions that could not be answered, but so grateful that Jay was keeping "in touch" with us. We miss him more than words can describe.

     On March 17, 1998, Paul and I traveled to Miami to participate in the dedication of a memorial to five of the ValueJet victims who were associated with the University of Miami. Jay had graduated in May 1994. Two other mothers and I spoke at the ceremony. The ceremony was a moving experience for everyone attending. Following the ceremony, a reception was held at a professor's residence. As the reception came to a close, the mother of a victim—a nineteen-year-old girl—approached me.

     The mother informed me that she had met with John Edward, a psychic who resides in New York, in October of 1997. The session took place in her hometown of New Orleans. He told her that her daughter had been scared when trouble occurred aboard the plane. He said, "Jay took her by the arm and took her into the Light and she was not afraid." This young lady's name was Ana. This was the name that Louise had related to us, without the "double letter" spelling.

     We learned that Ana was dating one of Jay's fraternity brothers and had arrived at the airport early the day of the flight, as Jay had. The flight was delayed in boarding because the plane had experienced electrical problems during the flight from Atlanta to Miami. There was no assigned seating, so everyone could sit wherever they wanted.

     Jay, we feel sure, was wearing the yellow shirt with his fraternity and the University of Miami logos on it. Since Jay, Ana and another young UM student were such extroverts, they no doubt began a conversation and sat together on the plane. They may have found each other, recognizing the yellow school T-shirts.

     One of my prayers just after the crash was to know whom Jay sat with. I had wanted to meet the family of the person whom Jay may have comforted, or who may have comforted Jay. Then Louise mentioned that Jay had helped another to the Light. I felt my prayer had been answered.

     Ana's mother told us that John Edward related that Jay had been standing up trying to open the compartment above their heads that held the oxygen masks. He felt that he was trying to use a key or sharp object. We had learned from the cockpit voice recorder transcript that a flight attendant had been screaming, "We need oxygen back here!" But the masks would not release, since they are only for depressurization, not for smoke and fire. There is no protection on a commercial aircraft for smoke and fire.

     We also learned that Ana's favorite color was yellow. We wondered if that was relative to the yellow Louise had mentioned to us. Ana's mother seemed timid about telling me of her meeting with John Edward, but we were so grateful that she shared the information with us. It meshed so beautifully with the information Louise had related. We are grateful that Louise has the courage to share her gift and we feel fortunate that we have had the opportunity to meet with her.

     It is not the natural order of things that a bright, kind, loving, caring child be senselessly and tragically killed. Our grief has set us on a spiritual path searching for any assurance and evidence that life does continue after death, exploring whether there is a way to communicate. We welcome this search, despite the skepticism or criticism of others who have not traveled our path. Our faith assures us that we will someday again be united with our most wonderful son.

-Susan Smith-

     Some people believe that communication with the "deceased" can delay them—detaining them on their path—and even keep them earthbound, when they ought to be moving forward on their soul's journey. I have found that there are many souls on the Other Side who remain in a sort of cocoon state, unable to progress until they have the opportunity to connect—to communicate—with a loved one. Such communication can actually further the growth of loved ones on both sides.

     Statements in consultations from loved ones on the Other Side confirm the positive effects from being in communication. These are just two examples.

     Rose often experienced an awareness of her deceased husband while she slept. It felt so real to her that she would awaken in the morning, weeping from the realization that he no longer lay beside her in their bed. In the consultation, he was trying to confirm her sensing that she was often with him, that they had been doing many things together on the astral plane. He reported that she was joining him at night in her astral (etheric, nonphysical) body. He looks forward to working together in the future on projects that would allow him to transmit information. He will help "coach" her in helping others to not fear death. He said, "When you've moved through the grief that comes from missing the physical me, then you'll begin to know the eternal me. We can look forward to working together from both sides!"

     Tina had lost her husband three years prior to attending a talk that I gave at her local bookstore. I had to raise my voice to be heard over her sobbing in the back row. The bookstore owner kindly handed her a box of Kleenex. She used nearly the entire box by the time I concluded my presentation. A few days later when she came for a personal consultation, her husband—a cowboy in his physical life with her—offered in a kind and gentle manner, "You don't need to hold on to the pain, to hold on to me!"