Excerpt from Streaming Consciousness — Chapter Five: The Circle of Light

The Circle of Light

The shape of the circle is powerful. It represents eternity, unity, wholeness—and closure. It has no beginning and no end. It is inclusive. In the way that the Current of Unity has an inherent magnetism, the imagery of the circle of light initiates a similar pull that lifts you to a higher level of consciousness. Raising your frequency engages your Higher-self through Streaming Consciousness and allows you to reach others from an elevated level of intention and purpose, connecting above the fray, the drama, and Ego-self agendas. The power of the circle of light becomes activated only at this level of consciousness, when you participate with a sincere intention of facilitating resolution for the greater good of everyone involved.

Simply imagine, pretend, or feel yourself extending your energy upward into a radiant, illuminated circle of light above your head. Let that bright energy fill you with a sense of lightness and expansiveness. Then feel yourself occupying that whole space, extending upward and into the circle of light.

Invite someone to join you in the circle—someone with whom you seek better communication, greater empathy, mutual respect. Telepathize your invitation from the circle of light by transmitting clear, focused thoughts to that person’s Higher-self, residing in the spirit of Oneness and reciprocal growth. This Higher-self is accessible in everyone, whether that soul is residing in or out of a physical body. Send along the invitation by transmitting through thought:

I invite you to join me in the circle of light. My heart is open and my soul is seeking wisdom and resolution.

And then communicate your intention:

I desire that greater understanding and love exist between us.

I first experienced this kind of telepathic conversation—a way to communicate Higher-self to Higher-self—several years ago. I was early for dinner plans with a friend, and was invited to wait in the cocktail lounge. Hoisting myself up onto a stool at one end of a long, horseshoe-shaped bar, I instinctively surrounded myself with light and then I looked around.

In what are normally those first few awkward moments of strangers sitting together, I then opened my heart and in an instant, felt pulled into the Current of Unity. I became intuitively aware of the Higher-selves of everyone seated around me, elevated aspects of each soul hovering just above their heads, in a circle of light.

I telepathically reached out to everyone at the bar, sending them all clear, focused thoughts from my Higher-self—wishing them happiness, the courage to live their lives in a higher way, to make a difference on the planet, and to accomplish all that they’ve come here to do. I felt an instantaneous recognition among all our Higher-selves—a remembering that we are all parts of the whole, all united in this journey.

Within a few seconds and practically at the exact same moment, each and every one of them turned their physical selves to look right at me! Several smiled, and one or two actually nodded! I giggled out loud, thrilled at this multidimensional moment and, when no one giggled with me, returned to the reality in which the moment began—all of us strangers, all of us living separate lives. Luckily, my friend arrived and I quickly jumped off the stool and headed to our table.

It was from this experience that I began using the circle of light to reach the Higher-selves of others in consultations. Having opened myself to, and trusting the validity of that incredible event, I’d given the Universe yet another pathway to reach me, and help me reach others in my work.

An interesting example of the inclusiveness of the circle, and how it seems to extend loving energy to all, occurred at the end of a consultation, when I asked my client if she had any additional questions.

“Yes,” she said, “I’m concerned about my friend. She’s getting more and more negative—almost toxic! I really don’t enjoy being around her anymore!”

I coached her in how to prepare ourselves to gain entry to the circle of light, emphasizing that healing and resolution can only occur when we first take ourselves to that Higher level of intention.

I started to invite the Higher-self of my client’s friend into the circle, when I observed a cat rushing in! It was a very large, seemingly agitated—perhaps angry kitty with beautiful markings. I mentioned this to my client and merged with the cat’s timeless consciousness in the Stream.

“This is one feisty tabby,” I told my client. "She wants to nip at your friend."

“It’s MANDY!” my client practically shouted. “It’s my friend’s cat!”

Several more cats joined the circle of light. This was a first.

“I’m seeing more cats with Mandy now,” I told my client. “They all seem agitated.”

“My friend has several cats,” my client confirmed. “I’ve been concerned that they’ve been absorbing her negativity.”

She said that Mandy, previously a sweet and gentle cat, had indeed begun to bite her owner, while the other cats avoided her or hissed at her whenever she came close to them.

Animals have been showing up increasingly in consultations to assist in resolving difficult situations (they’re evolving, too), so I welcomed Mandy into the circle of light.

“Hello, Kitty! We’re so happy that you’ve joined us. We’re counting on you to find love in your owner.” “Good luck!” my client snickered. I promptly reminded her to get back up to her Higher-self!

“Mandy,” I said, “it’s up to you to find the love in your owner. It’s there somewhere, in everyone! Please extend the love we’re feeling here in the circle of light to her, as well. She needs your extra-special care!
We’re backing you up!

An hour after the session, my client sent this email:

OMG! I just got a message from my friend, saying that she is going to try a meditation class tonight! This is SO not her! Is Mandy working her magic already?

I use the circle of light whenever I decide to intentionally see only the good in another. Sometimes it’s hard for me to get there, especially when someone’s really pushing my buttons. When Edith Ego starts yammering away, trying to jockey for some sort of better-than position, that’s a cue that I’m caught in a thought loop. (Down, Edith. Down!)

I invite that person’s Higher-self into the circle, focusing on where goodness resides within that person’s timeless soul. Those positive qualities immediately become apparent to me. Shortly thereafter, I’ll encounter the person and find her responding in some positive way—addressing that loving aspect of her soul. We’re both elevated to a better place. The circle of light is quite an effective way to send forth a telepathic reminder that love does, in fact, abide.