Louise Goes Live

any of Louise's clients and audiences asked for a way to benefit from her ideas on more detailed topics—and on an ongoing basis. This broadcast was a response to those requests—reminiscent of her early metaphysical classes—and an opportunity to address topics that are relevant to these challenging times. She included a short "tuning-in" to the listening audience-at-large, and concluded with a short meditation to leave the listener with the essence of her message on a more ersonal level.

Please email Illuminations with your requests and ideas for future online ways that you might like to meet with Louise.

Here is what was presented in this format:

  • Interesting guests in the "Green Room" joined Louise to share their stories and wisdom. Louise met with fascinating people among her clientele, as well as on her extensive travels. She is continually impressed with the courage of those who have experienced profound losses, inspired by the determination of those who have chosen to expand from seemingly insurmountable challenges, and heartened by those who are committed to "being a Light in the market place" in both their personal and professional lives. She spoke with many of these people on the show.
  • Soulful meditations to help integrate the information and tools that Louise presents. Louise recognizes the importance of absorbing new information on a deeper level, so that new truths and awareness can facilitate growth and change. Her meditations will assist you in carrying forth the ideas presented in her weekly broadcast topics.
  • An archived streaming audio library of this weekly content and existing audio tapes for website members to browse and listen to—on demand. Updated weekly, this library of growing content provides a wealth of inspiration.

We worked with the streaming facilities to provide the degree of scheduling that we aimed to present. The audio stream alternated between shows and corresponding meditations—as well as featured meditations—as it played through the following order:

  • The Illusion of Death: "Heaven's Not That Far Away"
  • Meditation: "Heaven's Not That Far Away"
  • Being a Receiver: "Taking Charge"
  • Meditation: "Taking Charge"
  • Being a Receiver: "Global Information"
  • Meditation: "Global Information"
  • Empowerment: "Living Fearlessly"
  • Meditation: "Living Fearlessly"
  • Living a Happier Life: "Being Multi-Sensory in the World"
  • Meditation: "Being Multi-Sensory in the World"
  • Meditation: Your Secret Garden
  • Meditation: Air Balloon
  • Meditation: Inviting in the Higher Self
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