Louise always enjoys return engagements at Seattle's East-West Bookshop and plans to return to inspiring Inner Alchemy in West Seattle as well.

It's always a good time at East-West Bookshop in Seattle — fun presentation (with 'minis') and workshop, and the staff are wonderful to work with!

Louise did some fun tuning-in for the audience in Seattle.

Louise enjoyed presenting at this new venue in Chicago. Check out the video "Straight From the Horse's HS" at Media to watch her relay a message from a participant's horse!

This is one of Louise's favorite venues in Irvine, CA. They're a very savvy, spiritually awakened group — who are also very early risers (yawn).

Louise spoke to this group about how to write from a more authentic place in oneself.

This was a new bookstore venue for Louise. The audience was filled with some very multi-sensory folks!

Louise presented at Bagua Bookstore in Miami, the week of the Haiti earthquake.

Louise was invited to Hemet, CA by Virginia, an apprentice who is a very intuitive, multi-sensory gal.

Louise was joined with Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD in presenting to this gathering of women in Idaho.

Tustin Unity Church is another favorite venue of Louise's, always drawing a receptive and appreciative crowd.

Many clients will remember coming to see Louise at Glenn's lovely home in Alexandria.