It was a fabulous time, conducting a 'Readings in the Round' session and participating in the Wayfinding Women's empowerment experience!

This was the view from where Louise conducted a "RIR" in Chicago.

Louise spent Easter/Passover up in Tsfat this year, before heading down with her daughter's family to their home in Jerusalem.

Louise's Miami hostess lives in a lovely condo with an amazing view.

Louise is invited to some lovely homes to conduct "RIRs," such as this one on the lake in East Greenwich, RI.

An historic church on the property near The Barns Retreat Center.

Louise with the groundskeeper of the church near The Barns.

Louise presented a weekend workshop at The Barns, a beautiful facility next to the country home of a client in London.

View from host's office space.

The charming home of Louise's host/hostess in Holland.

Judy and Katelyn have been wonderful hostesses and coordinators through the years.

Louise and Jaene were flown from Teterboro Airport in NY to San Diego by a client who asked Louise to present to a group of his friends and family.