2013-15 Suggested TV/Radio Interview Questions


Streaming Consciousness, Telepathy and Connectivity
Consciousness, Telepathy and Connectivity
Consciousness, Telepathy and Multidimensionality

Being in the Flow

  • You talk about 'being in the flow'; what do you mean by that? How do you get there? What takes you out of it — and what happens then?
  • What kind of information can you access when you’re in the flow?
  • How can ‘being in the flow’ take you beyond time? How does that work?

Telepathy and Connectivity

  • What is the current of unity? How does it work? Is is something was can feel?
  • What kind of 'connectivity' are you referring to?
  • Why do we need to be open to the concept of telepathy?

Going Beyond Linear Time

  • Why is it useful to go to probable futures? Aren’t we supposed to focus on living in the present?
  • What’s the point of going to the past?


  • What do you mean by ‘diving deep’ in the Stream? How do you do that, and what’s there to explore?
  • What is ‘multidimensionality?’ Why is it important to understand it?
  • How do you work with multidimensional information?

The Consciousness Movement

  • As a visionary and futurist, what’s your spin on the consciousness movement unfolding in today’s world? How does it affect us?
  • In what ways do you personally observe a shift in consciousness unfolding?
  • How can each one of us play a part?