2020-2021 Presentation Topic: Telepathizing with Those Who Can’t Communicate

2020 Telepathizing with Those Who Can’t Communicate

Louise P. Hauck - Futurist and Intuitive - Author of Beyond Boundaries, The Adventures of a Seer, Heart-Links, Fearless Future, and Streaming Consciousness, and upcoming Wholeness and Connectivity

Louise is a time traveling clairvoyant, intuitive spiritual counselor, who views beyond the physical dimension where all time exists simultaneously. She’s able to merge (remotely) with the higher self aspect of another’s consciousness that overrides the personality-self, engaged in earthly drama and ego-driven agendas. Louise is passionate about demonstrating this ‘continuum of consciousness' that exists — beyond time and death.

In consultations, Louise often initiates telepathic conversations with the higher self of clients’ partners (+ ‘exes’), relatives, friends, employers — souls existing in the physical or ‘non-physical.’ This process of coming together on a higher frequency of truth and authenticity promotes healing, resolution, and powerful shifts in people's lives.

Over the years, Louise has also interpreted (telepathically) the thoughts of clients’ loved ones whose lives are being sustained on life-support or in a coma. The remarkable accessibility of ‘nonlocal’ consciousness enables her to communicate with those souls on a level where they're unaffected by the restrictions and limitations of the physical self — and in some cases, the brain's diminished capacity.

More recently, she has been utilizing this higher self communication to reach those afflicted with the effects of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, autism and stroke. Similar to the way the game of Charades is played, souls pantomime for Louise certain scenes and transmit clear thoughts concerning their needs and preferences, fears or troublesome issues. They also convey their awareness of moments occurring with family members and others around them.

At the conclusion of these higher self conversations, Louise routinely asks the soul to give her a ‘sneak preview of a cosmic wink,' some sort of signal they'll send along to her client (the caregiver) in the following days to confirm that their telepathic conversation with Louise did, indeed, occur. Clients report finding the coins (pennies, nickels and quarters “from heaven”), discernible gestures, or actual spontaneous winks they've previewed for Louise.

Louise looks forwards to presenting this exciting new information to caregivers and new audiences to alert them to this unique, highly effective method of communication.

Support from Dr. Larry Dossey:

Apr 23, 2018
Dear Louise,
Your work with telepathic communication with Alzheimer's and similar individuals strikes me as very important and portends a fruitful direction neglected in modern medicine. I've long been fascinated by research in "terminal lucidity," in which brain-compromised people seem to "wake up" and communicate normally shortly before dying. How the heck does that happen? It suggests that's there's a lot going on in these compromised brains we are not aware of -- and your approach is a way of encouraging that hidden intelligence to surface.