2017-2019 Presentation Topics and Descriptions

Louise continues to offer new presentation and workshop topics for upcoming speaking tours and interview opportunities. Here you'll find those that address her current focus — some inspired by the needs and interests of Louise's clients and audiences, and others that address her own explorations in consciousness. You'll also find topics from the past that continue to be requested by various program directors and radio/TV hosts:

  • Topic: Consciousness and Connectivity; Workshop: How to Access Your Own Timeless Connectivity
  • Topic: Higher-Self Telepathic Communication; Workshop: Communicating Telepathically with the Higher Self of Others
  • Topic: Streaming Consciousness; Workshop: Streaming Consciousness — Experiencing Multidimensionality
  • Topic: How to Let Your Spirit Move You; Workshop: Let Your Spirit Take the Lead!
  • Topic: Transcending Linear Time; Workshop: How to Operate Outside of Time
  • Radio and Television Interviews — Suggested Questions