Marketing Information

for Louise P. Hauck

Louise’s presentations appeal to a wide cross-section of individuals. Her offerings add new dimensions of awareness and perception for those who have been traveling a spiritual path, as well as those who are starting to ask life-changing questions in response to inexplicable challenges. Audiences include entrepreneurs, CEOs, health practitioners, therapists, teachers, administrators, writers, artists, actors, politicians, lawyers, law enforcers, FBI (and CIA) agents, military personnel, government employees, bankers, merchants, mechanics, retailers, students, and housewives/husbands.

Over the past thirty years Louise has traveled extensively, presenting to large audiences and conducting private consultations in the United States and other countries, most often touring twice/year. Illuminations ( has a database of over five thousand clients and apprentices in the US and international clients in the UK, France, Germany, Australia, Israel, South America, India, China, Singapore and Canada. Louise presents to numerous venues and is always welcomed back with enthusiasm.

Bookstores: Louise has had returning engagements at the Bodhi Tree in LA, East/West in Seattle and Portland, New Renaissance in Portland, RJ Julia (Madison, CT) Changing Hands (Temp, AZ), Gentle Winds (Columbus, OH), Transitions (Chicago), Tattered Cover (Denver), Boulder Bookstore (Boulder, CO), Alchemist Bookstore (Richmond, VA).

Frequented Speaking Venues: Theosophical Society (Chicago and other cities), Equilibrium, Energy and Education (Chicago), various Unity Churches and Churches of Religious Science around the country, The Sacramento Learning Exchange, Seattle 'Discover U,' and the NYC Learning Annex, Inside Edge (breakfast venue in Irvine, CA), and Creative Life Center (Sedona). Louise has been a featured speaker for FIONS (Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences) and speaks to IONS groups around the country. Past president Willis Harman was a great supporter of her work and wrote the foreword to Beyond Boundaries, The Adventures of a Seer.

Louise has presented periodically in London at Saint James Alternatives Center, the Group For Positive Living, The College of Psychic Studies, and at the London and Sydney Mind/Body/Spirit Festivals, as well as those around the US. Louise has also been a returning presenter at the NW Women’s Conventions in Portland and Seattle.

TV/Radio Venues: TV—Northwest Afternoon, Good Morning Columbus, Good Morning Phoenix, Good Day Sacramento, Jeff and Christie Live; Radio—Art Bell, Earth Mysteries plus numerous major outlets around the country.