When I Get Up Each Morning....

Sunday, November 20th, 2022

Now and then I share how I used to wake my two children in the morning before school, going into their rooms and heading over to each of their windows to peer through the blinds — then exclaiming, “OMG!” (though the expression was unknown at the time) — "Whaaat??? they’d ask, excited...

“We’ve been given another day on Planet Earth!”

"MA-UM!" they’d reply, duped again...nothing new and exciting awaited them under the morning sun...(except — A NEW DAY! YAY!)

Here’s a revised edition I adopted as s way of greeting the day in my own life, first thing, but calling out a more personalized version:

I go —“Thank you for another day on Planet Earth, in which I intend to remember why I’m here (and what I came to do), that I’m an eternal being (just passing through as I find my way back home), and that I’m connected in unimaginable ways to each and every one of my fellow human beings — even to those who provide the necessary contrast that makes the Light appear SO much brighter…against the dark.."