Angelic Awakeners

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

We think of the angels as loving protectors who intervene in critical moments. We might acknowledge their presence following a close call, when we’ve actually seen or felt their presence, or simply had a knowing that they’d participated in some kind of Divine intervention.

Over the years, during periods of extensive travel, many times I've been settling into my hotel room after a long day in airports and cabs, with only a couple of hours to spare before my evening engagement. Feeling desperately in need of a short nap, I ask the angels wake me up in plenty of time to get ready for my evening presentation.

The first lovely (and timely) response came as the clear, distinct sound of the pluck of two harp strings! Other times, I hear the sound of soft chimes or a gentle knock at the door. This continues to be blessed confirmation that the angels are an ongoing presence in my life. I only have to telegraph (telepathically!) my request to their magical realm with my thoughts!

I’d forgotten about how reliably they’ve always assisted me in this way — on demand! — until just a few weeks ago. I’d been working diligently on my new book, sitting for hours and hours at my computer with very few breaks. Suddenly, I realized that I’d left barely enough time to fix myself some dinner, take a short rest, shower and dress for an evening commitment.

I’m pretty good at my twenty-minute naps — a most convenient ability I have to disengage quickly and slip into a deep restful state. I was doing so that afternoon, when there came that sweet, gentle knock! The Angelic Awakeners were back — unsolicited!

I felt so loved and watched over. Don't forget to call on your angels!

Angel art by Marina Petro