April 2010: Tsfat and Jerusalem, Israel

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

I spent Easter/Passover in Tsfat, Israel, this year, before heading down to Jerusalem. I meet with a few returning clients whenever I return here, at the home of a more modern (Orthodox) family, not far from my daughter's Hasidic community in Geula.

Shoshanna is a long-time client, whose story is featured in Heart-Links. Her husband was killed on a bus in Jerusalem by a terrorist suicide bomber. Ironically, her daughter was working as a nursing student in the aftermath of the tragic event, assigned to tend to a particular patient. She overheard a conversation between two policeman outside the patient's room in the hallway. Turns out, Shoshanna's daughter was tending to the man who had built the bomb who killed her father. The nursing administrators said that she must continue to nurse the man, or be let go from the program. An incredible challenge for forgiveness...

This time when I met with Shoshanna, a soul in the "non-physical" projected herself clearly into the session, giving her name and an image of her four-year-old daughter. Shoshanna said that the woman had been a friend, a victim of another terrorist bombing a few years ago. I recalled reading about the incident at a pizza parlor in downtown Jerusalem in 2007, shortly before one of my visits to Israel.

"My daughter talks to me all the time," said the mother, obviously now freed from her physical body. "Yes," said Shoshanna, confirming that the little girl and her grandparents visit regularly where the woman body lies, lifeless—in a vegetative state. I sensed clearly that the mother feels very little connection to her physical body that still commands the respect and love of her family. "If you can find a way," I interpreted for the mother to Shoshanna, "Please let her know that I'm happy and free!—and that I hear her every word."

Prayers all around for families who suffer such tragedies, no matter what side of whatever issues ensue in this complicated world. And thank "Hasham" (God) for expanded, ongoing consciousness that is—eternal life.