'Been There — Done That!'

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

A few weeks ago, I posted here the account of a client’s rescue dog who had a lot to say about his recent adoption. He transmitted that he’d actually had an awareness of her imminent arrival at the center, even be before she got there! It’s all in the airwaves!

Buddy is another client’s pup who joined in Ann’s recent phone consultation, ever-so-clearly (showing off, really) his awareness of her future home, one he’s confident she’ll find — and will choose — fairly soon. Ann has recently relocated and is renting an apartment until she finds the perfect place. Buddy distinctly gave the impression this particular property will be his preference, as well!

All this transpired after I’d merge with Ann’s timeless consciousness and dropped down into a ‘probable, positive future moment’ where I saw her likely new house IF she can stay present (and out of fear), and pay attention to upcoming road signs. It was at that (future) home that I watched Buddy walking through a gate...or a dog door...something like that, looking very much at home.

“That’s a must-have for my next place!” Ann confirmed. “Buddy needs his own yard and a dog door into the house!”

I told Ann to pay attention to Buddy’s behavior once they find the house. I’ll bet anything she sees him acting remarkably familiar with the place — as if he’s already been there! Because he has already traveled there, beyond time —through streaming consciousness!