Easter Message - "Walk with Me"

Sunday, March 27th, 2016

Easter is a time to open your heart to loving, illuminated energies that are there for you! — (read more in the latest eNewsletter!)

FUN THING! — I recently heard back from Lynne Juneau, the client/apprentice I mentioned in the eNewsletter, re. the 'cosmic wink' she was to receive from Yeshua. At the time, I sensed it might feel like something feathery over her right hand.

Here's what she wrote.

"I was pondering all this and I was alone on a run yesterday [Easter] in a beautiful park on a long stretch with no other people. As I thought about Jesus and wondered again what part he plays in my life, a stiff breeze came up and brushed over my right hand.

A bit later, I heard him say that contacting him is as easy as opening the palm of my hand, the same way I could open my heart, and accept the gentle, powerful love he offers. He really IS as accessible as you described and all that is required is a bit of surrender to love, not strict adherence to a set of rules.

He pointed out that in his life, people of violence and those longing for power were drawn to him as moths are attracted to a light in the darkness. His message was of tolerance, forgiveness and compassion and the convolution of some Christian beliefs today is very sad."

Wonderful confirmation, Lynne!
Many thanks.