I always wonder why I get so teary when I witness space launches. It also does it to me when I watch YouTube ‘flash mob’ videos — folks coming together to surprise unsuspecting bystanders with cleverly choreographed performances in shopping malls, village courtyards, airports — and who knows where else they’ll show up? (These days, however, they’ll most likely be wearing protective masks ?).

Watching the Blue Angels and starlings flying in formation gets me all ‘verklempt’ as well. So do synchronized ‘waves’ of fans in stadiums.

I guess what stirs me so deeply in those moments is the feeling of true ✨CONNECTIVITY and ONENESS✨ that exists among every-one and every-thing ~ and to all our ✨higher, unseen helpers ~ and to a Higher Power.✨

It’s the connectivity that exists above it all (the politics, the hatred and cruelty, the prejudices and injustices ?) — and always reminds me of our capacity to connect ?, one to another, on that higher level — even while doing all we can to persevere through our challenges and maneuver around the obstacles - while here on Planet Earth — ⚡️and ABOVE!⚡️


It's done it to me again — all verklempt — watching ⚡️US astronauts Behnken and Hurley meet up with US astronaut Cassidy and the two Russian cosmonauts on the International Space Station!⚡️

Here’s to the ✨eternal, everlasting connectivity of all things (and people)…in spite of how things may appear on Planet Earth.✨