A Fun Thing Happened...

Monday, April 5th, 2021

I've recently returned (after 30 yrs) for a stay at the #optimumhealthinstitute for a 'reboot!' Yay!

It's all about cleansing the body to facilitate its absorption of nature's food so it can heal 'health opportunities' for many who come here. (I'm fine.)

A fun thing happened the other day:

A few guests have asked about my work, and I've responded with a short primer about 'nonlocal consciousness' — energy that we are, existing and connecting beyond time and 'death' — and my recent focus on telepathizing with those who can't communicate verbally from the effects of dementia, stroke, coma, autism, etc.

A very sweet gal mentioned that she'd cared for both her grandparents for over 2 1/2 years before they're recent passing, how much she loved them/ She mentioned how very funny her grandmother had always been — even when afflicted with Alzheimer's.

As we were chatting, her cell phone rang, so she excused herself to step outside and take the call. She returned, looking wide-eye and somewhat astounded. She said it was an automated call coming from the emergency device her grandmother had used, one that she'd since given to a neighbor who lives alone. The old emergency account and phone information had been deleted when she gave it away.

The gal's phone showed that the call was coming from her grandmother, initiated from the device! Image removed. I told her that her grandmother must have "Just called ...to say, I love you!"

I pointed out that she had opened her heart (it was obvious) the moment she began telling me how much she loved her grandmother, and how she'd make her laugh.

I added, "It's the open, loving heart that's the conduit!"Image removed.