Passing The Talking Stick

Saturday, May 29th, 2021


How I Learned About The Passing of a Dear Client and Friend

I always looked forward to consulting for Denise, her friends, and her nephew, Houston. She had married into the Miccosukee Tribe in Florida, and Jaene (my project manager) and I visited her in the early 90s on the Florida reservation. She invited me to meet and consult for a few of her friends and patrons from her metaphysical center. 

It was a memorable adventure, meeting Denise's family at their waterfront home in the Everglades — her husband, 'Mic Micosoukee the Medicine Man,' dressed in his traditional 'big dress' adorned with colorful ric-rac, and playing with their little boy. We toured the reservation and the casino, and in the personal consultations, I relayed messages from the Council of Elders in spirit, lovingly guiding several tribal members.

I was pleased to hear from Houston when he called to schedule a phone consultation. Once I 'merged,' his non-physical grandfather came forward. Houston confirmed his non-physical grandfather's arrival when I received the image a sacred object. 

Houston said it belonged to his grandfather and that it’s often nearby when he meditates. This projection felt familiar, and Houston reminded me that the grandfather usually announces his entry into his consultations this same way.

The grandfather addressed specific issues and current projects involving Houston, and then drew my attention to his Aunt Denise! He went on to pantomime a gesture, something like — 'Yak Yak Yak' — perhaps someone having a lot to say? Then he showed me the image of...a stick.

I relayed these impressions to Houston, and then I asked, "Be the way, how IS Denise these days?"

"Denise passed over a year ago," he replied. "She had battled cancer for quite some time."

"Noooo!" I exclaimed, "I had no idea!" 

I'd been thinking of reaching out to Denise some time after she hosted a virtual 'Readings in the Round' a few years ago. She had expressed the desire to host another one in the future.

Now it made sense that Houston's grandfather wanted me to know he was passing the traditional 'talking stick' to Denise, inviting her to come forward and have her say!

I felt Denise's exuberance, excited to assist now from 'the other side.' I also felt her relief at being released from the physically-challenged body. (I often have to play down the effervescence I feel from so many 'departed' souls so as not to minimize the client’s sense of grief and loss at having been left behind).

Then Denise projected the image of a piece of land...several plots divided up. Houston confirmed he's participating in a project to have plots allocated by the government to grow a garden. 

"Well," I said, "Denise is now showing me a small plot with flowers. Perhaps there will be one with her favorite flowers? Have you thought of creating something like this as a tribute to Denise?"

"Yes," he replied. "The thought had occurred to me!"

I turned my attention to Denise, expecting her to express something like — "Ah, shucks.." an expression of humility. Instead, she transmitted — "DO IT!"

Houston laughed. "Oh — that's SO Denise!" he said.