The Future Always Unfolds in Unexpected Ways

A while ago, I posted a fun story a long-time client shared with me, one that occurred shortly after the passing of her beloved, sight-impaired pup. Quite unexpectedly and serendipitously, when attending a memorial service and staying in her hotel room, she found a packet of complimentary coffee labeled 'Blind Dog' with a picture resembling her dog.

She and I met again recently over the phone, and she said that she always re-listens to previous recordings before an upcoming session. From her last session, she heard me describe a potential future moment as — "…an image of something cartoon-ish...a car…a dog…a splash of blue…"

While listening to the recording, she said she looked over at the cartoon she’d posted on her fridge since that session. "Wait a minute!" she thought, "there it is, right there in front of me!"

What fun ~ the ways these very abstract, intuitive impressions unfold in such unimaginable, creative ways! (Apprentices often dismiss the ones they receive because they simply "don’t make sense!")


In her recent session, I asked my client if she’d been feeling the presence of the pup she'd lost, perhaps when she's sitting down…doing something…like writing…or journaling? She said she’s been writing a little memoir about their wonderful road trips together!

"It’s so strange," she said, "while writing about those times, it feels so much more real than when we actually experienced them together!"

"Well," I said, your pup is showing me that HE IS THERE WITH YOU when you’re reliving those times in your mind ~ you ARE experiencing it together ~ beyond time!

I wondered if it might feel more real for her in the present, unencumbered by all the distractions we experience when interacting with our physical world, i.e., having to watch the road, follow road signs, decide where to stay for the night, etc...

It also made me wonder if her vivid re-experiencing of the past with her pup might somehow resemble the 'life review' we experience when transitioning from the physical. Those who’ve experienced NDE’s (near-death experiences) often report how their entire life passed before them as they re-experienced it all ~ beyond time!

Lotsa food for thought, eh?