A "Future Friday" Adventure

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Virginia and I were doing some remote viewing during her apprentice session on the phone. Virginia teaches nursing at a nearby hospital, and was nearing completion of a masters program. I decided that we would time-travel to the future—to the following Friday—when she was to conduct her weekly hospital rounds with her students.

Once there, we both viewed a lineup of patients who were not yet (in present time) queued up for assessment. We (telepathically) asked the group-at-large if there was anyone who would indicate (by raising his/her hand) a special need that they might like addressed that day/(the upcoming Friday). We also asked them to specify if there was a particular student who might be helpful in assisting with healing of their spirit.

Virginia and I both watched (the Higher Self of) an elderly woman with curly white-haired who raised her hand. The woman didn’t point to any particular student, but did let her presence be known. (In subsequent sessions, when Virginia and I would drop down into future hospital rounds, patients did point to specific students who would resonate with their own frequency. Indeed, it inevitably turned out to be that student who would step forward during rounds!)

After that following Friday, Virginia reported that she had been standing in the hospital corridor, waiting to start rounds with her nursing students. She said the she saw a patient’s light blinking down the hall and headed down that direction. It's not her job to respond to patient’s calls. Upon entering the room Virginia saw a small, elderly woman sitting on the side of her bed. The patient was visibly distressed, her head in her hands, sobbing. It appeared that the woman had had an accident on her way to the bathroom.

Virginia sat with her, putting her arm around her shoulder, comforting and soothing her. It was this woman’s Higher Self who had raised her hand in our "time-traveling" session the preceding Monday.