Guides at Work!

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005

Louise recently received a delightful letter from another intuitive. Read this fun example of how guides often reach us in extremely creative ways:

Dear Louise,

Quite some time ago I came across your site while looking up Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and found the interview with her where she mentions John Edward. It's such a good article that I saved the link to share with others.

Your beautiful and frequently powerful writing proves me right in saying that I don't need to write my own book about being a "medium/intuitive" because almost everything I have to say has already been written - by you and John Edward! I love it! Now I can focus on fantasy (just kidding. There are a few things I still have to write about for our site.)

Going by some of the descriptions of how you receive input, our styles are quite similar. And so is our gratitude for being able to help others. Are we not amongst some of the most fortunate people on earth?

You have been "public" with your "medium" abilities longer than I have been, and more directed toward classical studies. I did not use the term "medium" until my sister shipped me some VCR tapes she made of John's shows. When I lived in NY, I read cards but it was really the "images" I was seeing and not the cards that were dead-on. I just did not dare admit that I was getting the info from anything but the cards or people got more scared! That was in 1972. It's so wonderful now to be able to hear about and talk with people who don't think you're crazy for communicating with "next vibe up" people and animals.

I've been talking with my guides since, well, age three is as far back as I can recall actually conversing with others. I believed I was talking with God and God's helpers. That misunderstanding was corrected when I was eleven or twelve by my "main guide".

But I digress! (and how!)

The real reason I had to write is that while doing a "crossing over" reading last week, I got the name "Louise" very strongly, but it apparently did not "fit" where my client was concerned. The image got stronger with insistence that I pay attention to it and it was clearly "drawn" out for me in a particular style and font. "Write down the name Louise and pay particular attention to a flowing script or handwritten version of the name," I said. "Maybe it will make sense later."

Getting the name and "style" should have been enough info to share with the client but this guide - not one of my regulars - stuck it in my face a few more times before moving on. (Yes I got it, thanks. Louise. I won't forget.) Well, yesterday I was checking some "Favorites" to see whose sites were still active (because I want to add helpful links to our new site.)

Nu? Suddenly there's your name, matching font and all, staring me right in the face.

Okay, I got it. I'm here. I have no idea why but given enough time perhaps this will be "illuminated".

Meanwhile, I will try to make time to read more of your wonderful writings!

Loving Blessings to You & Your Work,