Hold the Space for Angel Sightings!

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

The angels intervened during a recent session with an apprentice, indicating that she had sensed their presence. They wanted to confirm moments in which she walks in her garden and experiences a sudden, brief flashes of light in her periphery — that she is, indeed, having an angel sighting. Angels seem eager to give evidence of their close proximity to us in our daily lives.

Years ago, the angels asked me to convry their gratitude to a client, a talented sculptress who'd recently held a successful showing of her work. They sent their thanks — 'for the statue!' My client said she'd placed a sign on one piece in her collection, an angel statue created specifically for the blind. Written in big, bold letters (and in braille) — the sign read:

Please DO touch!

The angels have been taking things a bit farther these days. They not only arrive to confirm that clients and apprentices have had a 'sighting,' but also project scenes detailing moments of intervention. For example, I was shown one of a single car situated in the middle of an intersection. When I relayed this to my client, she said that a few years before she'd experienced a terrifying, close call. She had been rear-ended in her car, losing control as she skidded into a busy intersection. In those quick seconds, she said it was as if all cars and pedestrians seemed to disappear until she came safely to a standstill. She (and her car) were unharmed. Angels to the rescue!

I ended the session with my apprentice, the one who was having angel sightings in her garden, by giving her an assignment:

The next time she's walking in her garden and senses that quick flash, the signal from the angelic realm — she's to stop, breathe into the moment, and intentionally hold that space...and then to open herself up to receive a message....trusting the first words, sensings, any impressions that come to her, and report back the next time we meet.

Why not try opening your heart to the unseen, to the angelic realm, during this magical holiday time?

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