Metaphors Abound in 'Her'

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

I just caught this movie, thought it was a bit slow, but chucked full of intereseting metaphors. For example: Joaquin Phoenix' character falls in love with a highly intuitive computer operating system. In a brief moment, he laments that she doesn't have a body, and later apologizes for the slight. "Oh, no!" she replies, "you don't understand how freeing it is to be without a body! I'm everywhere!" [Remind you of another state of consciousness?]

Later on, higher, even more intelligent 'OS's combine to replicate the consciousness of a well-known Zen philosopher [no spoiler alert here] — who describes 'their' ability to carry on seventy (or so) conversations simultaneously. Might this describe an aspect of multidimensionality? What fun.