Intergrating Multidimensionality Into Our Daily Lives

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Here's a wonderful example of how a greater understanding of multidimensionality, and greater trust in one's own, innate intuitive gifts, can (and ought) to integrate beautifully into our daily (and professional) lives! An apprentice recently sent along her documentation of how this is coming about in her own life:

I recently began working with Louise as an apprentice. This work has allowed me to understand my innate intuitive process differently: I am lucky to be an art & art history teacher at a high school where I receive plenty of support. In a recent session with Louise, she showed me how it's possible to communicate with the timeless, Higher Selves of others, taking me through the necessary preliminaries before trying it out. In the following week, I realized that I've been tapping into my students' multidimensional selves all along, giving voice to what I see, and thereby increasing their ability to open to a deeper level of creativity. This new understanding of intuition and what multidimensional sensing looks and feels like, now gives a context within which I'm able to help my students more deeply connect with their intentions.

One of my favorite ways to spend my class time is by meeting individually with my students. In the week following that session, my student Sophie came to me with a small collection of paper strips. On these strips were either inky pen drawings or sparse monochromatic landscapes. Looking at them, and thinking of her previous work, I told her she often seems to be drawing impressions of the cosmos. Her eyes lit up and she agreed with me. Turning to the landscapes, I noted how these strips worked as a wonderful grounding for the more ethereal, inky drawings. I suggested to Sophie that she might try watching people and creating small inner cosmos portraits that are then grounded by the small landscape paintings. Then to my surprise, I actually caught a quick glimpse of a possible future where she is likely to have accomplished that very thing! Since our conversation, Sophie has come to own this process as her own.

I have always worked with my students this way — conversation, suggestions, allowing them to take what resonates and leave the rest. The day I met with Sophie, I also met with 6 other students. In the past, these conversations had been good. That day, i was able to tune into every student i met with. They lit up in our conversations, they felt seen and heard and filled with true direction. It's amazing how validation and greater confidence in my innate intuitive gifts has them coming to me in fuller force. I'm also gaining a much deeper understanding of multidimensionality.

AS in CA