Intuition Advancement Series Launch!

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

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Great Response!

We're thrilled at the overwhelming response to Louise's recent Coast to Coast radio interview! Over 6,000 downloads of her special gift to listeners, that includes "8 Steps to Connecting With a Loved One (In the 'Non-Physical')" and a chapter from Fearless Future. We'd like to make both available to you as well. Enjoy!

Get Ready for Lift-Off!

Spaces are filling up for our first online Intuition Advancement Series! We are excited and hope you can join us! (Many thanks to the apprentice alumni who were amazing Guinea pigs in our trials!)

Here are a few details:

  • Series: 6 weekly Wednesday evening sessions
  • Dates: Open House: Sunday, July 15;
    : Wednesday, July 18 — ending August 22
  • Time: 6:30pm/Pacific Time Zone Calculator
  • Duration: 60-90 minutes
  • Up to 8 attendees
  • Series Tuition: $120 for 6 consecutive weeks

Who can join?

You're welcome to join — IF:

  • You've been itching to stretch your intuitive muscle. You're the one whose hunches are always right on. You want to corral those abilities and learn to access them, more on demand.
  • Everyone says you think too much. You find your thoughts run away with you. You'd like to learn ways to center and shift from left-brained, concrete, linear thinking — to more right-brained, creative, intuitive perceiving.
  • You've always felt quite separate from others, alone with your innate intuitive gifts. Perhaps you've been ostracized for just..."knowing things," or even "spooked" yourself once or twice about your well-developed intuitive gifts. You seek a safe harbor where you can learn ways to tame your gifts and utilize them for the greater good.
  • You desire to connect with like-minded, metaphysically-oriented souls who are here to make a difference, supporting each other while participating in this current acceleration and expansion of consciousness.
  • You simply want to join in the fun and experiment with telepathy, remote viewing, "time travel" — and more! And...just to see what develops!
  • You've been invited to join the Illuminations Apprenticeship Program in the past, but have been unable to make the commitment.

Are there any requirements or prerequisites?

Participants are required to first have a personal consultation with Louise to become familiar with her particular style and metaphysical perspective. We want to hit the ground running! If you’re interested in participating but have not had a consultation with Louise, we'll apply the "2-fer" special for those who are eager to join. Please be prepared to sign up at the same time for the IAS. You'll find additional prerequisites on the IAS page.

How 'tech-savvy' do I need to be?

Here are the technical requirements. They are fairly easy steps to follow.

How do I sign up?

Here's where you register.

It's all for you. Illuminations welcomes and embraces you on your spiritual journey. Louise is here to serve by helping to make your life brighter, to bring you closer to the Source, to help make sense of this crazy world, and to nudge you in ways that pull you back into the present—and point you towards your greatest, most joyous future.

"Thank you tremendously for simplifying all of the wondrous events in my life since my wife and mother passed. Signs, sleep visitations, synchronicities — wow — I'm now a fearless and aware 'streamer!'" — from a Facebook fan.

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