"It's just what's there!"

Occasionally, clients tell me that some information I receive and the words I use to interpret are precisely the same as those I’ve used in the past — even a few years before! I’m always surprised to hear this. All I can say is — “I guess it’s just what’s there!” 

I believe we have oodles of Free Will at our disposal as we scoot around in this physical dimension, exploring life in new ways, moving through (and growing from) our challenges, entertaining new adventures, beliefs, and perspectives, and inevitably (hopefully) embracing new truths and gaining new insights that become the wisdom our soul carries~ into forever!

That said, there seem to be specific themes and circumstances, predictable inevitabilities that are sort of planted on our paths. I’ve often referred to them as ‘SFEs’ — Strong Future Events — that are meant to steer us toward pre-planned destinations.

I recently consulted for a long-time client who recently lost her beloved pup. He was very precious to her; they’d enjoyed fun road trips and braved some challenging times together. He became all the more dear to her when he lost his sight due to an accident. She said she feels his presence whenever she sits on her deck where they used to hang out. (He confirmed this into her consultation!)

We began her session when I ‘merged’ with her timeless consciousness by taking that first deep breath together. I recited my invocation, collected the multidimensional, timeless information I was receiving, and then shared it with her. It was a progression of events, realizations, and subtle nuances I felt her experiencing, all surrounding the passing of her pup. 

“Those are the exact words you used to describe what I was likely to experience when I asked you about his eventual passing — a year ago!” she said. “And it all occurred just a short time ago, when I lost him!”

“I guess it’s just what’s there!" I replied.

She went on to say that since his passing, she was staying at a lodge while attending a relative’s memorial service. The name of the coffee available to guests in her room was named “Blind Dog!’ — and the logo on the package resembled her pup! 

“Well, it seems that you’re definitely ‘dancing with the Universe,’ I said. “You're receiving all the wonderful signals and cosmic winks that confirm the love you’ve shared with your beloved pup is everlasting — and ever-present!” 💕

✨ Yay!✨