Louise's Q&A Interview for 9.21.05 Insight Lecture Series in Nevada City, CA

(You will find this interview at: www.insightdirectory.com)

Louise, what was the impetus for you to start a journey as a clairvoyant, spiritualist and intuitive reader?

I was blessed to have come to a mother who supported my early spiritual visions and intuitions. When I was four years old...

I said to her, “When you go to heaven, we’ll write letters!” This was a precognitive sensing that I would eventually be in communication with souls on the Other Side. My mother smiled and nodded, supporting my internal knowing. Her passing was the catalyst for my spiritual awakening.

Can you explain time travel and what you see when you look into someone’s probable future?

A psychologist once hypothesized that I am able to merge with another’s consciousness and move forwards and backwards in time because I was born a twin. Maybe she figured that I practiced getting into my twin brother’s head when we were hanging out in the womb. While that explanation may have satisfied her, I know better. There is more involved than prenatal interaction with my “womb-mate.”

Similar to the way in which departed loved ones project from a “no-time zone,” I spend much of my professional life where all of time exists simultaneously. To present information from the future to clients in the style of a fortuneteller is to tempt them out of the present where they are likely to obsess about the future. If you are not “occupying the premises”—living fully in the present—then the Universe cannot find you to deliver the goods! That is, you will miss the wonderful, ongoing communication and cues from the Source, as well as from loved ones. I access the future for the purpose of creating a corridor from the present to the most probable, positive future. This often necessitates a shift in a client’s attitude or perspective in the present, or a repositioning of the child-self in the past.

When I “hang out” in a future moment, it is as if I am there, experiencing “sneak previews” in detail, scanning information that will enlighten clients as to what is new and different—what has transpired between the present and that future—that facilitated this more positive outcome.

What are some of the life lessons you have learned from working with spiritual essences from the other side?

I have gained many valuable insights from departed loved ones. Here are some favorite quotes that would exemplify this useful wisdom, sent by those who have the advantage of a somewhat more expansive view:

“You don’t have to hold onto the grief to hold onto me.”

“You never see a hearse with a luggage rack.”

“When you move beyond missing the physical me, you’ll start to know the eternal me.”

“About that last conversation we were having, before we were so rudely interrupted by my death…”

“You wish that you could have saved me…from what?”

“If you want me to come to you in a dream, let your last thoughts before sleep be thoughts of gratitude. This creates the frequency that lets us come through more clearly.”

Your new book, Fearless Future, A Map Through An Uncertain Present has some challenging thoughts for some people, what can you say to them about your work?

The ideas expressed in Fearless Future are even more relevant today than when I was guided to write it. We are being spared none of the horrific details in the reporting of incredulous events in our world today. These sights and sounds can slide us into fear when we’re looking the other way. Fear inhibits us from making wise or divinely inspired choices. In fact, people in fear can do pretty dumb things.

When entertaining fear, we perceive ourselves as separate from others and prey to whatever appears to be threatening and foreboding “out there.” Anything or anyone that we perceive as separate from ourselves has power over us. That is when it is important to remember that there is no power more powerful than our intimate connection to the Source. When in fear, Divine energy cannot reach us to guide, elevate, clarify…and embrace us.

It is crucial that we become the observer of our thoughts—to watch where they take us. Once you notice that fear is present, embrace it. Give it a color, texture, a taste. Make it real. Once embraced, it can transform and release you. Then redirect your thoughts to where you can access the emotion of gratitude. Instantly, you will be back in the beam of Divine energy where you are reminded of what is true: that there truly is a bigger picture unfolding, that death is an illusion…and that you are never alone.