Meeting in the Woods

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

A fun thing happened the woods! — well, to be honest — the woods were 'virtual.' When I work with clients in the Intuitive LIfe Coaching program (ILC), I'll take a few moments to intuit their own sacred space, a place for them to go to in meditation or when they find themselves in fearful or stressful moments.

For one gal, I 'merged' with her timeless consciousness and found her special place to be at the top of a mountain in Switzerland, a setting with a gorgeous vista. Sure enough, she said that the image was indelible in her mind — an idyllic scene from years ago, when she and her husband had taken a tram up that mountain in the Alps. For another, her special place was a tropical rainforest, for another — a vacation home in the desert.

This scene that appeared for my current client lay deep in the woods, lush and magical. I encouraged her to describe to me all that her intuitive, imaginative self might bring to her woods as we sat there together. (Her non-physical father actually joined us there!)

In her following phone session, I asked this gal how it was working for her — going to her woods and all. "Great!" she said, "I even dreamt that you and I were hanging out there together! But then I wasn't able to find you there again. I figured that perhaps you couldn't find my woods since I'd redecorated!" She said that she'd replaced the hibiscus (a type of flower she's never liked) with gorgeous red and yellow roses, and added a big, smooth rock for her lean against when she'd go there to take it all in! — LOL!

I'm convinced that this is how reality works when we've 'dropped the body' on a more (quasi) permanent basis. Our thoughts and images become reality — instantaneously! (A friend once said, that if the thoughts in our timeless consciousness do indeed create our 'heaven' — then SHE'S going to land in a See's candy store!)

When my son was a grade-schooler, he attended to a Christian summer camp in Yosemite National Park. One day the campers were called to a meeting to discuss heaven and hell. My son stood up and announced, "There is no heaven — it's where you think you go that ends up being your 'heaven!' Why, you could even find yourself on a yellow brick road leading to OZ!"

My son was asked to sit down...