Messages Meant for More Than One!

Thursday, January 31st, 2019

Some of you have witnessed a curious phenomenon that occurs following presentations when I go out into the audience and do 'minis.' It has to do with the way very specific information I pull in for one attendee can fit precisely and intricately for more than one person — and sometimes for as many as three or four others!

Last night during my 'C2C AM' chat with George Noory, a listener called in to ask about her dogs. I 'merged' — and then described the 'transmissions' I received from her pets.

This morning a C2C listener sent this email:

"Hi, Louise! We always have Coast to Coast on the radio in the middle of the night and last night I woke to someone talking to a caller about their dog. If it was you, you asked the caller if she slept with her dog wrapped around her left arm. You also said you were picking up that the dog felt like the food she was being fed was like cardboard. Our 14-year-old Yorkie died in our bed almost exactly 48 hours prior to the broadcast and I always cuddled her with my left arm wrapped around her. In the past year, we fed her dehydrated food because it didn't need to be chewed but I'm sure it seemed like cardboard. I fell back to sleep but I'm wondering if you were getting a message from our dog." [Her beloved Lucy is shown here...]

Of course, there are no coincidences, and the message was most likely intended for both pet owners.

Pretty awesome, how the U-verse works, eh?