People Who Hope I Have a Time Machine to Make Past Events Disappear

Sunday, May 5th, 2019

I just went to see THE AVENGERS: ENDGAME. I enjoyed watching the superheroes attempt a ‘TIME HEIST!’

One review says it well, in my opinion:

“Of course, there are specific rules to follow when it comes to time travel, and Endgame abides by most of them. The biggest and most important rule is that The Avengers aren't supposed to re-write the past: they're only setting out to create a different future."


Years ago, Dylan, my son/webmaster/producer cautioned me about referring to myself as a ‘Time-traveling clairvoyant.’ “Watch out, Mom,” he said, “people are going to think you have a time machine!” Indeed, he was SO right.

Every so often I hear from prospective clients who sincerely, desperately hope that I can travel to the past and make unfortunate circumstances or events disappear. They plead with me —“Please make it so it never happened!”

They tell me very sad, life-altering stories, but — and here’s the response they don’t want to hear —

“Your past only exists in the way you hold it in the present.
I can ‘merge’ with your timeless consciousness and see through your past-self’s eyes to witness those moments, and then help you shift your relationship TO those moments.

I'll then pull a thread from that past, altered by having repositioned you there, back into the present, and on into the new, alternate future. There I can observe the positive effects of the shift we’ve initiated in the past.

I had more to say to a fellow who recently emailed me, wiring — “ I was hoping to find something like a time-traveling physically, going back in time at a younger age with my own body, fixing the mistake and coming back to the present." 


"Hi back —
I guess you have to trust the cliche, that 'things happen for a reason" — and rarely in ways, we'd choose.

In consultations, I often view 'overlays' of other life spaces that relate to issues challenging clients' in the present. I'm forever awed by the way the U-verse configures circumstances in almost poetic or metaphorical ways, designed to challenge us and ideally move us through — and BEYOND—old misguided beliefs or untruths we've died with, those that have become embedded deep in our soul.

The unbearable hurdles are designed to get our attention and serve as a catalyst, forcing us to process and release the old stuff. The striking effect is that we then find ourselves facing forward, arms wide open to welcome new adventures and gain life-changing / soul-evolving insights. The ones that work for us over time become the wisdom our soul carries into eternity! Yay!

When you trust that unfortunate circumstances did happen for a reason, and then set about processing the resulting emotions (betrayal? persecution? abandonment? condemnation?) — then ask yourself, "When have I felt this before? What does this remind me of?"

Processing the emotions will allow the angst, sorrow, or disappointment to unhitch its hold on you. Then with an open heart, you're sure to spot the 'cosmic winks' and unexpected synchronicities coming your way that confirm you've moved on to receive infinite possibilities!

I call that — 'Dancing with the Universe!

I hope this helps. Sorry, my kind of time machine won't make those events in the past disappear, but shifting your relationship to them will be life-changing! I promise."

— and then the client wrote back:

"Hi, I'll think about it all. Pretty interesting stuff. But do you think they'll ever be a time travel method to go back into the past?"


“Interesting question, —
Aside from how I truly believe we can change the past, I think in the bigger scheme of things, we may be experiencing this physical, time-oriented dimension starting to merge with the timelessness of other dimensions, while finding ourselves gradually disengaging from our perception of linear time.”

[and, I might add —

All this, we become more practiced at bringing Heaven to Earth! 0:-) ]

[[But that's just me...(;-)]]