My Gift from 9/11

Friday, September 10th, 2021

Every year on 9/11, I post this link (below) to my journal of 9/11 documenting what I witnessed from my rooftop in Manhattan and in the following days. I often include a collage of my photos; however, today I feel that our minds are too full of images showing the ravages of recent hurricanes, firestorms, and other hair-raising conflicts.

There is a story, however, that I don't believe I've shared. It's about a consultation I did for a client shortly after 9/11. It might be somewhat soothing for some and confirmation for others about something many of us feel deep in our hearts:

It's that our true, eternal identity encompasses spirit-propelled, nonlocal, timeless consciousness that transcends time and (the illusion of) 'death.'

The client in this account was residing in Israel at the time of his session. Avram, his son, was working at the US Pentagon, just outside of Washington, DC, when he perished in the 9/11 attack.

I began by describing to Avram's father how I can 'merge' with a loved one's timeless consciousness and see through their eyes. I'm often able to feel what they've felt before (and after) their passing.

[When I merge with another's Higher Self in the physical, sharing my view of the larger landscape of their life often gives the client a new perspective to help heal and move them forward in new ways].

I then invited the dad to relax and take a deep breath with me, the way I entrain myself onto the right frequency.

I merged immediately with Avram's nonlocal, timeless spirit, readily accessible through 'streaming consciousness,' and then began viewing what he experienced just before making his transition from the physical.

I said to the father, "I'm seated now, merged with Avram at his desk at the Pentagon. I see a framed photo of the family, and now...I'm watching a fireball barreling towards us."

Then I experienced Avram's immediate 'lift-off' — no pain, but instead, a rapid ejection from the physical body as if from a cockpit, his spirit propelled out of his body by a charge, and then gently lifted upward!

Avram then transmitted a particular scene to his father (though me) — the image of some little trees. Simply put, I serve as the interpreter. It's as if I'm on the loved one's team playing a game of 'Charades' — they pantomime the impressions I receive, and then I do my best to decipher their meaning and intent.

I heard Avram's words, "Dad, I'm there with you when you're by the 'little trees!'

Avram's father was quiet for a moment. Then he told me how it helps him process his grief, the loss of his beloved son, whenever he spends time in his greenhouse, where he grows miniature bonsai trees! He said it's very meditative for him to be there.

As is often the case, (nonphysical) loved ones seem dedicated to pinpointing those specific moments when they've connected with clients — when-and-where family and friends have 'dialed' them in! It's often those fleeting moments when hearts are opened by remembering the good times. It's internet-like connectivity ~ the heart frequency!

Those instances will occur when recalling a happy moment. Sometimes they transmit, "The other day when you were talking to my picture, I heard every word!" One client confirmed she'd recently done so while putting her husband's photo into a new frame.

Clients also receive confirmation that they've 'dialed in' their loved ones' when making specific associations while shopping, certain items reminding them of the loved one. Selecting tomatoes at the market might trigger a memory of Dad's prized vegetable garden, or bananas might be reminiscent of Grandmother's famous banana bread — and those heartfelt emotions dial them in!

On the beautiful clear morning of 9/11, I watched from a distance the ring of fire that surrounded the second tower before it collapsed. Eventually, I saw what appeared as dark objects falling. I intuitively knew it was victims jumping from the enflamed building.

In those moments, I telepathized to those souls making their transition, "GO TO THE LIGHT! HEAD FOR THE LIGHT!" As I watched the physical selves fall downward, I distinctly observed their Light bodies shooting upward to the Light!

I felt privileged to witness, first hand, a demonstration that confirms that we shed our physical selves and continue on an endless journey, propelled by the spark of our spirit.

How lucky am I!? ~ to merge with others' timeless souls and experience the truth of our eternal existence.

I extend prayers and hugs all around for those left behind who still feel the deep pain of loss. I pray that they have (or will) receive 'cosmic winks,' and can trust those little, personalized signals as evidence that their loved ones have survived in a much more eternal way.

All my love,