Pets Who Get Their Way!

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

A while ago I had dinner with a friend whose daughter recently arrived from Chicago for a short visit, accompanied by her adorable little Pug pup. In the way that everything (and everyone) is energy — and everything communicates — I'm accustomed to allowing equal time in consultations for relaying messages telepathized remotely from clients' pets, trees (who say thanks for the hugs), loved ones (in the non-physical), and the higher selves of young children.

Pets and babies always catch me off guard when I encounter them in the physical — up close and personal — immediately transmitting to me their favorite things, or specific needs or wants they'd like their owners or parents to know about. I imagine they're able to do this so effectively because they live so fully in each present moment.

During dinner, the pup came up to me, looking right at me with his sad-looking eyes, although his waggy tail told me there was bubbly joy going on inside. He transmitted to me a snapshot of his favorite ‘blankie ‘(recently washed, much to his consternation), the ledge at home where he loves to sit and look out, and the impression of some hard surface painted green.

His owner confirmed she'd recently washed the blanket because he'd  started gnawing on his teething bones while nestled there, alas, leaving smelly little slivers and chunks in the folds. And yes, the window ledge at home is his most favorite place to hang out and watch the world go by. She was unable to place anything resembling something hard and painted green...

At the end of the evening, I got ready to leave and was putting on my jacket while my hostess leashed up the pup. He looked predictably revved and eager for his evening walk. As we walked down the front stairs to my car, I spotted along the way a green-painted, metal railing that runs all the way down to the parking lot.

I said to my friend, "Now I get it! He was saying (transmitting) to me, a) 'I don't like the smell of my blankie (thanks to the recent unnecessary washing),' b) 'Here's where I like to hang out at home' — and c) 'I can't wait to get on with my evening walk!'"

Pets certainly do get their way with me!