The Power of Our Intentions!

Monday, July 19th, 2004

Periodically, I return to Columbus, OH, to do “Readings in the Round” for Lynn, a wonderful, appreciative hostess. She is one of those natural facilitators who can round up friends and acquaintances with one hand tied behind her back. Out of one of her gatherings sprang another “RIR” group, for which I returned to present a few months later. It was co-hosted by two gals who had come to one of Lynn’s groups. Both gals had lost their partners.

The group actually consisted of...

several members of the grief group that had supported these gals through a difficult mourning period. One of the co-hosts came to my hotel for a private consultation, the morning of the RIR. Her partner—we’ll call him “Joe”—was his usual humorous self, projecting clearly from the Other Side. “Watch for something coming up with “Charlie” tonight!” he said, slipping in this sneak preview of the upcoming event. As usual, I had no idea what he was talking about. Neither did his partner.

That night, I was going around the circle of ten, each participant appearing to receive fairly equal time in which to receive messages from loved ones. I try to make that happen, but of course, I can’t control what comes through, particularlly when it comes to relaying messages from loved ones. I’m only the messenger and interpreter.

Sam, the first in the group was the newest member and the greatest skeptic. For a doubter, he was excellent in his ability to identify the information that I relayed from his beloved wife. I love to see jaws drop. A good momentum was picking up as I made my way around the circle. I usually like to include past/present/future information for each participant, but the emphasis this night, naturally, was in hearing the long-awaited messages from wives, lovers, parents and other relatives, as well as from a departed son.

Finally, I came to “Charlie,” sitting far to my left. This man was so enthusiastic, so happy that his turn had come. Earlier, he had kindly offered to handle the tape recorder for the group. He was also proclaimed to be one of the most intuitive and accepting of metaphysical adventures in the bunch.

Suddenly, that wonderful, building momentum that becomes such a rush for everyone—myself included!—came to a screeching halt. Charlie could not place any of the information that I delivered from his wife. “Maybe this object is in storage or packed away some place!” I encouraged, trying to help him place tidbits of information.
“My wife had a jewelry dish like that!” Sam exclaimed, sitting far to my right.

“Maybe you just don’t remember this name that your wife keeps sending us!”—trying to make sense of things for Charlie. Then, I relayed a name, presumably from his wife.

“That was the name of my wife’s best friend!” beamed Sam, once again.

One of the gals in the group interjected, “It’s almost as if Charlie has a bubble around him, and the messages keep ricocheting off him and bouncing over to Sam!”

It is extremely unsettling for me when the delivery of this intuited information seems unable to get placed at the right doorstep. Naturally, it often has to do with the participant’s inability to remember significant details. And sometimes it is our inability to see the trees in our own personal forest!

I am usually able to continue relaying information in spite of lacking confirmation, adding with the usual reminders: "Please think about this information when you go home!” Or, in consultations: “Please listen to your tape periodically, over time!”

For others—such as John Edward (TV’s “Crossing Over”)—the messages seem to almost get stuck in his throat, leaving him unable to continue until he receives confirmation from the audience participant. Often, he even has to have the person call a family member on the set in order to confirm!

Finally, I called out to Joe (in heaven!) who had alerted me to a “Charlie” earlier in the day, "What's going on here!” Then I vowed, “I will have an answer to this before I go home, tonight!"

During the refreshments break, I was chatting with Charlie. Suddenly, he remembered that earlier that day he had told his (deceased) wife, “Hey, Beautiful! I’ll know it is truly you if you’re able to come through and give me the name of….”

“Charlie!” I interrupted, “Loved ones—and I—do not like to be tested!” And they usually have their very own agenda regarding what they want to convey.

Charlie thought for a moment, Then he said, “You know, I just remembered something. I also said to my wife, ‘….unless someone else needs the time to come through, more than I…’”

“Oh, Charlie!” I said. There’s our answer! How incredibly powerful and kind was your intention! Your wife stepped aside to give Sam the extra time! How powerful are our prayers!”