Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

I was attending the Willamette Writers Conference in Portland, OR, and met with a few clients in person. Whenever I hang out with friends, hostesses and coordinators, it’s fairly routine for me to relay messages from their pets who usually rush toward me, first thing, insisting that I pass on a few thoughts to their beloved owners.

Pets’ telepathized transmissions usually relate to their favorite toys, food or sleeping preferences, or sentiments regarding friendly (or unfriendly) animals in their proximity.

I had lunch with a dear old friend I hadn’t seen for several years. She’s been dealing with MS for quite some time — saved from the wheelchair by eating vegan! — and greatly assisted by Romeo, a service dog, a Silken Windhound, a calm and elegant breed.

The moment I stepped through my friend’s front door, this lovely pet greeted me with a projection of his very favorite thing — something white and soft. “No,’ my friend said, shaking her head, trying to place the image, “There’s no white toy…I can’t think what that could be…”

We visited a short while inside her home, and then I drove us downtown for brunch, the dog riding quietly in the back seat. This remarkable pup remained at my friend’s side, walking from car-to-restaurant, undistracted by anything or anyone around us, and lay quietly at her feet during the meal.

After lots of wonderful chatting and catching up, I drove us back to my friend’s home. As I watched her lean into the back seat to coax her dog out onto the sidewalk, I noticed that her hair was the very same color as the pup’s — beautiful, bright white, looking like white silk. The moment I brought this to her attention, she exclaimed — “OMG — that’s his ‘favorite white thing!’ It’s my hair! It’s ME!”

Pets and small children always grab my attention. They're so fully in the present moment, they pull ME into the present, where they’re sure to get my undivided attention!