Snow White, the Birds and a Hippo

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

In a recent consultation with a client, I found myself interpreting for (what looked like) an animated Disney-esque looking flock of birds. They fluttered right into the mix of multilayered, multidimensional information I was attempting to sort out. It felt as though the flock wanted to show me something, desperately.

So I followed the my mind's eye.

I was pulled toward a small body of water. My interpretation: perhaps some sort of watering hole, at the very least, something-to-do-with water. Once there, the birds pointed (nodded) towards something approaching. I perceived it as — a huge Hippo charging from the right!

It's alway tricky, finding words to convey impressions such as these to my clients. Images or words can represent clever puns, and certain words will often have double meaning. (Seeing a cluster of African violets will announce the arrival of my client's non-physical, Aunt Violet.) It's the client's job to help me decode and decipher these impressions. This is why it makes my job so much easier when I consult for the more creative right-brained folks — those who are typically expert at working in the abstract, as opposed to those who relate predominantly to that which is perceived as concrete or literal. (However, working together, even those clients and I are usually able to figure things out.)

It's not uncommon for even inanimate objects such as cars, houses, manuscripts to animate to deliver messages to me. In this particular session, it was these animated birds who came alive in a cartoonish way to get my attention. Sure enough, my client knew exactly what the birds had been trying to say:

My client is an animal right's activist in Chicago who fights fiercely for the cause — rearranging her personal life to accommodate the strays she invites in. On this particular morning, I sensed the birds were transmitting their gratitude for her love and sense of protectiveness.

Apparently, just that morning, she confirmed, a huge squirrel had invaded her deluxe bird feeder on her back porch. The intruder had attempted to crawl into the stash of food, and in the process, had broken the entire feeding station with his extra-large body. I couldn't stop laughing when I heard the true meaning, that the flock of birds had shown up to convey their appreciation, and to acknowledge the efforts of their attentive and loving hostess.

OMG, I thought, reflecting on my earlier interpretation:

Water/lake = Lake Michigan (located not far from my client's home in Chicago).

Hippo = foreboding, large intruder = devious squirrel!

This is what makes my work so very much fun, learning the true meaning of the multi-layered, multidimensional information presented to me. It's also so enlightening to observe how my psyche — my 'template'— filters and flavors these abstract impressions!

The session ended with a message from my client’s most recent occupant, a stray cat who’d arrived on her doorstep. She was tormenting over ways to field the kitty to a shelter, foster home, a friend — anyone! She felt tremendous guilt for even thinking of giving this one up. Urgent personal matters were requiring that she do some traveling. (The cat had shown furious resistance to attempted lodging at the kennel).

Here’s what kitty had to say:

Thank you for feeling my pain, and for sensing my apprehension about being back on the streets. Yes, we feel pain and fear, but not the way you do.

You (humans) tend to project a whole lotta other stuff on to us — your baggage from past rejection, fear of abandonment, the unknown, blah blah blah — all that cr-p.

“You see” the cat continued, “some of us are sort of messengers, assigned to enter into (and out of) your lives for an infinite number of reasons: to help heal through unconditional love, to divert you from momentary (or deep) heartache or loss, to teach you to deal with loss and to survive when we run away or ‘drop the body.’ Most importantly (and most often) — we come into your lives to bring you into the present moment. We reside there exclusively! It's our job to encourage you to spend more moments of your days there!

“Please please please, take care of yourself first!” said the kitty. (What came to mind was the image of the airline passenger strapping on the oxygen mask before assisting a child or seatmate.) “Factor in your happiness and well-being when considering ours. When you’re operating from a kind and loving heart, as you do,” he said to his temporary owner, the Universe will fill in the details!”