Telepathy's No Big Deal for Pets!

Sunday, April 10th, 2016

[I posted this on my public Facebook page a while ago and missed doing so here!)
I love collecting these pet stories...

It's not unusual for unexpected guests to show up in consultations with a message — loved ones, pets, plants, and trees — everything is energy, and everything communicates. Therefore, it wasn't surprising when a pup belonging to my client's friend joined us in her phone consultation the other day. His message made complete sense to her, however, his purpose for showing up in her session was the real surprise!

She said she was recently returning from a road trip with her friend and his dog. She'd turned to the dog to tell him she was going to have a consultation with me, and then requested that he make an appearance. He looked at her, and then put his head on her shoulder. He obviously got the message! (My clients wasn't the least surprised at receiving confirmation of this powerful telepathic connection existing between the two of them!)
What fun!