Time and Alternative Outcomes

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

When I "see the future" in consultations, I'm forever reminding clients that the "sneak peek" of a potential, positive moment is existing beyond time as a result of wise, conscious choices that will have been made in the present. Different choices will, of course, create other alternate pathways.

This quote from Greg Braden says it all:

"If time does, in fact, travel as a road in two directions, is it possible that the road has multiple lanes? Could the events that begin along one lane of time arrive at a given point in a different lane with a different outcome? Can we begin one course of events and 'leap' midstream into a new outcome?

If so, this implies the possibility of multiple outcomes for an event that has already begun. The implications of this kind of thinking give a new meaning of hope to predictions of worldwide destruction and global suffering and, at the same time, invite us to consider the choices we make in our daily lives as direct links to future experiences."

The Isaiah Effect, page 97, Gregg Braden