My Energy Relaxed and Everything Changed

Readings in the Round

P.K. in Miami

Hi Louise: I just wanted to connect with you and tell you "Thank you" for sharing your SELF on this planet.

I was at the RIR group you conducted in Miami. I was the person who shared about my little granddaughter who was born a preemie just 8 weeks early. She is now 7 months old and doing just great. I was so worried about her at that time related to her tracking and following. You were so wonderful in your response to me. My energy relaxed and everything changed. I was so grateful to be in a place to share my deepest concerns.

My husband and I are having so much fun with her. We take care of her 2 and 1/2 days a week so that my daughter could go back to work. She has a wonderful nanny for the rest of the week. Every day is so special with her and also ourselves.

Be well and let me know when you will be in Miami again.....