"Fishhook Technique"

Fearless Future

B.R. in WA

When I was 20 years younger I hated to fly, so I always had few gins before I got on the plane, but a guy can only drink so much. I don't drink hard liquor anymore. I was in that realm today on a short flight, when I picked up your book and commanded myself to read. I read the part about "the fishhook technique."

So I did it. I pictured the rest of the flight. I saw the landing, the stop at the men's room, the baggage claim, my sister in law picking me up. What I did not expect was that instead of being trapped in my tight little mindspace of what airplanes were, I was just THERE. On the airplane, feeling the vibration of the plane bumping off of each thrust of the jetstream, no fear, just there. I could see things clearly and without my ego and fear being involved. The rest of the flight was calm, and I read. The departure and pickup went as visualized, and I'm to go to bed visualizing a day with friends, hitting balls, maybe even playing a round. Life is good. I think I will give it one more day.